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Watch: Angel Reese Viciously Slaps Down Caitlin Clark During Brutal Foul as Rivalry Heats Up

Caitlin Clark won. Again.

But Angel Reese of the WNBA’s Chicago Sky made her way into the story of the Clark’s Indiana Fever defeating by whacking Clark upside the head while allegedly trying to block a shot.

The 91-83 final score marked the second straight game between the two teams where Clark took a beating and the Fever beat the Sky.

“Just a part of basketball,” Clark said after the game, according to the Indianapolis Star. “It is what it is. Trying to make a play on the ball, get the block. It happens.”

Video posted to X shows Reese — who became infamous for taunting Clark in an NCAA final in 2022 as her LSU team defeated Clark’s Iowa squad — coming nowhere near the ball in a swing that connected with Clark’s head, sending Clark to the floor.


It was not the first time Reese has crossed a line against Clark, whose Iowa team this year defeated Reese and LSU out of the NCAA tournament Final Four. In a June 1 game when Chicago Sky teammate Chennedy Carter shoulder-butted Clark to the floor, Reese was up off the bench cheering.

Reese’s play Sunday was roundly condemned online.

“WNBA player Angel Reese viciously elbows Caitlin Clark in the head as she goes in for a layup. Reese could be seen completely missing the ball and making contact with Clark’s head instead. She was called for a flagrant 1,” conservative commentator Colin Rugg posted on X.

“The move comes as more and more WNBA players are becoming jealous of Clark’s fame. During a previous matchup between the Chicago Sky and the Indiana Fever, Reese was seen celebrating after Clark got cheap shotted by Chennedy Carter,” he wrote.

And it wasn’t just Reese who was targeting Clark.

“Chicago Sky doing Chicago Sky stuff,” sports commentator Dave Portnoy posted on X in a shot of Clark being roughed up by two Sky players as she drove to the basket on another play.

This time, the New York Post noted, Fever guard Kristy Wallace stalked toward the Chicago players as if standing up for Clark.

Carter’s hit on Clark in the June 1 game brought to a boil the simmering anger that WNBA players seemed to be bent on whacking Clark around. So far, Clark has vented now and then about the hits, but never retaliated.

Women’s basketball legend Nancy Lieberman said after the Carter cheap shot that she would have taken a more direct approach to the bullying, according to The Arizona Republic.

“If I were Caitlin Clark, I would’ve punched her in the face,” Lieberman said. “But I’m from New York and I would’ve told her to (expletive) off.”

“And that would actually cure the problem because I’ve known Chennedy since she was here in high school here in Dallas. She’s a tough kid. She’s a really good basketball player. She’s gonna come after you because she’s very physical, which is OK. But damn, where’s Caitlin Clark’s teammates?” she said.

  • P Revere says:

    The assaults on Clark are not incidental contact. Reese wrapped up Clark’s arm to rough house her and grab air time. Preventing the shot was just the excuse. Chicago wants to play like thugs, then they should be treated like the thugs they are. And that includes the refs calling fouls and ejecting people from the game.
    And as far as Clark goes, where are her teammates? When one of their own is being targeted, where are the other four on the floor? Reese is getting all the screen time for being a thug, why isn’t the league fining her? Why isn’t Chicago fining her? Instead Reese, and her bad behavior, is getting promoted! Lots of air time! Why! Promotion! Big Bucks!
    Given that the city of Chicago is nothing but a war zone anyway, and home to the ultimate divider, BHO, such hatred and bad behavior has become commonplace. Chicago brags about it. But w play like the NFL Bears, there is not much to brag about, except the thuggery. Sports, once held to be some kind of icon for honest competition, has become just on more battle zone: It’s now become Big Bucks for the Biggest Hits!
    Bragg beat on Trump. Reese beats on Clark. If the league is out to promote gang fights, just turn the cameras out onto the streets of Chicago, Philly, NYC, Baltimore… You will get all the combat you can handle, and more! Tattoo parlors will soon start advertising on the thug matches! Tats! Piercings! No end to the body mutilations! Get a free tat w your next purchase of Nike footwear! Get a free 32 oz Coke or Starbucks w Reese’s next body slam! For your next tat – BOGO! No end to the ad revenues!
    The next competition will be when the next round of NBA wannabes start claiming to be IDing as women, and invading the WNBA, Reese and her band of thugs will start getting back some of what they are dishing out: smashmouth basketball! No more rules, just thuggery! Hit hard, and style for the cameras! Peak Progressivism! Won’t Michelle O be proud then!

  • A. Michaels says:

    I’m sure that somewhere out there is someone who cares about this, but I don’t him/her/it.



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