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Washington Post Actually Tweets the Truth, Quickly Deletes It

We’ve covered the Washington Post’s fails regularly in the last few months, mostly because they just keep making fools out of themselves. There was reporter Taylor Lorenz doxxing the founder of the Libs of Tik Tok, then being caught in a lie, and so much more Lorenz-a-rama. There was the weird saga of reporter Felicia Sonmez, who aggressively called out colleague Dave Weigel for what was actually rather a tame joke. The WaPo of course suspended Weigel for his temerity, but that wasn’t enough for Sonmez, who screamed about it on social media to the point where the Post finally had to fire her. In early August, as Sister Toljdah reported, the paper politicized the obituary of a congresswoman killed in a tragic car crash.

Whew. The Post is the gift that keeps on giving.

And true to form, they did so again Wednesday, tweeting out about the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid but then quickly deleting it after complaints. Democracy dies without bravery or something. The original tweet contained the headline: “Garland vowed to depoliticize Justice. Then the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago.” This headline is entirely accurate. Garland did in fact vow to depoliticize the Justice Department, and the FBI did in fact raid Mar-a-Lago.

But nope. Can’t criticize the Biden Administration. Evidently, editors realized that the headline might be construed as critical so they changed it to: “FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago lands Merrick Garland in a political firestorm.” The original:

And the “update”:

“Erupts in a political firestorm.” That’s the kind of wordsmithing liberal outlets are commonly using these days to imply no wrongdoing was done by their favored people. Another technique is to instead of reporting on a story of what someone did, use the go-to “Republicans Pounce” headline. Don’t write, “Paul Pelosi Was Caught Driving Drunk,” write something like, “Right Wing Websites Erupt Over Speaker’s Husband’s Driving Incident.” See how it works?

But why did they remove the original headline? Critics apparently thought it wasn’t anti-Trump enough. “No, he’s in the middle of unraveling a crime spree committed by the former president of the United States,” one user responded to the original. “There…fixed it for you.” NYU journalism teacher Jay Rosen, meanwhile said the original headline was “painfully under-thought” and “seemed to say that Garland was shifting course and unduly politicizing DOJ.” Well, yes, Garland was shifting course and unduly politicizing DOJ, and even left-leading outlets like CNN are talking about it.

Trust in the media has dropped to an all-time low in recent years, and it’s antics like these that erode our confidence in their willingness to tell the truth. My colleague Joe Cunningham reported on a Gallup poll in June that shows it’s mostly Republicans who have lost the faith:

Just 5% of Republicans said they had “a great deal or quite a lot of confidence” in newspapers, compared to 35% of Democrats.

Only 8% of Republicans said they had “a great deal or quite a lot of confidence” in TV news, compared to 20% of Democrats.

Cunningham writes: “…the media is the second least-trusted institution in America. The only institution with less trust from the American people is (understandably) Congress.” Although this Washington Post headline change is just one story, it’s part of a much larger pattern of outlets like the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC continually hiding or shading the truth from the people. If you ever talk to someone who relies on only those types of sources, you’ll find that not only are their opinions very different than yours, they often don’t know half the news that’s out there.

“Hunter Biden laptop? Never heard of it,” they’ll say. And if they continue to get news from those places, they never will.

  • Patriot says:

    Gotta say this INFLATION and Recession joe is on another brain dead roll with his zero inflation rant these leftist idiots who are telling him this crap is making it worse for this regime most people have ZERO trust in these dumbocraps and this is the part I can’t understand Obidens INFLATION is hurting everyone including the black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islanders, Muslims, Native Americans all of the people who came to this country but he refuses to acknowledge them like they don’t count in what he’s doing to them also their paying sky high prices for food and gas to along with rents, mtgs, car payments he seem s to forget the minority population in his destruction Why? Let’s Go Brandon!

  • John says:

    That’s because they’re communist New World Order pigs are working with a vile corrupted satanic demorat government,trust no one, trust none of them, they all need to come down together in one big burning Heap of demonic trash

    • ThomasJames says:

      Shoot, I can cough up a snot glob with more brains than Bidet’s whole administration! I call him Joe Bidet because he’s the ass washer of the Left! Then there’s Nancy h pylori and F$ck Shumer, and that favorite old Disney flick, Old Yellen- a touching story about a boy and his hag! Anyway, I can’t quite grasp whether they are stupid or just evil! Well, I know that they are evil, but are they just dumb and evil or smart and evil, because it boggles my mind that they continue to make idiotic decisions that clearly don’t work in the real world, but they never seem to learn anything, they just double down on their insanity and push through even more stupid shit ! The inflation Reduction Act that just passed is a perfect example, as they’re going to RAISE taxes And also print more money out of thin air, and recklessly spend it and it’s all just going to make our lives more difficult! Here’s a fun fact, theBiblical greek word for “fool” is ” moron”, it’s pronounced with a long O followed by a short O
      so in Greek it sounds like mow-ron, but when transliterated it comes out as our English word “moron”.Bidet and the gang are doing truly moronic things!

      • Grandma Peg says:

        Many many years ago…perhaps in the days of Elliot Ness.,when the crime bosses were being rounded up,,they vowed to get the legal Constitutional republic by all of their followers going a political way that would not get noticed nor known by the public nor any government branch,,the top crime bosses vowed to infiltrate each and every part of our law and legal systems with their own high intelligent tho evil destructive bent, children growing into well educated adults and highly placed legal positions to take over the United States to own the whole future of everyone living in these United States….steered into their self serving evilly destructive ways. Anyone else remember this? Just as places like USSR and CCA have so declared publicly..that They have patience to wait out this particular form of forced evolution. We got it now…can we ‘get it’ now..??

  • GreatGrandpa says:


  • Louis Galmarini says:


    • Helm says:

      I feel you on this, my health and lack of skill or knowledge prevent me from doing anything but Prayer. I know praying to God about this will take me to Hell but I do Pray that these American Marxists will just disappear off the face of the earth. Their intent is obvious to me.

    • Grandma Peg says:

      No..keep calm and don’t ..disturb the peace …as you are instantly put on a them..list to be..neutralized..before your time. If there’s a real civil war outbreak,,then consider yourself ready to be commanded in a legit militia..not as a lone and wild eliminator..please…keep the peace and fight this legally. Don’t stir up the blood of those who may be on the edge of desperation. Stay sane and safe when there’s no call for such action. Please.

  • Adelaide Kaiser says:

    Garland is one of the whimpest guys I’ve ever seen, no guts, probably works on commission in the bden crime family foundation.



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