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WaPo Article on Biden’s Classified Doc Scandal Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

We did gloss over why the liberal media is probably furious at Joe Biden, who has been caught with classified materials being stored at multiple unsecured locations. It’s a serious enough breach for the Department of Justice to appoint a special counsel to review these materials.

Biden got chopped at the knees regarding holding the moral high ground here. The sanctimoniousness oozing from him and the institutional Left after the FBI ransacking Mar-a-Lago last summer looks ridiculous. I’ve never seen so many teeth fly after smashing into his own wall over this, albeit one that isn’t at the southern border stemming the flow of illegal aliens into the country.

The press set the stage for an aggressive push to force the aging Biden to retire if he had been walloped in the 2022 midterms. There were multiple stories about his age, his mental fitness, and how the White House staff also serves as assisted living nurses with this old man around. Democrats did better than expected, partially because voters, while no fans of Biden, opted for stability than a rambunctious GOP majority in Congress. The DOJ’s Trump raid occurred towards the tail end of the 2022 cycle, and many on the Left probably thought this would be the smoking gun to indict the former president—that has yet to materialize. Trump being indicted was always a pie-in-the-sky hope for the Left, but it’s genuinely dead now that Biden got caught, and the Washington Post made that clear [emphasis mine]:

President Biden, facing a special counsel investigation amid new revelations of classified documents in his possession after the vice presidency, suddenly confronts a ballooning political problem that threatens to hamstring his agenda and blunt the momentum he hoped to seize at the halfway mark of his term.

Congressional Republicans, who just days ago were displaying bitter discord and nearly coming to fisticuffs on the House floor, are now launching new investigations and inquiries. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Thursday he was appointing a special counsel in the deepening probe, which could mean interviews, searches of additional Biden properties and potentially weeks of headlines.

More immediately, Biden’s possession of classified documents is likely to rob him of the unvarnished ability to criticize former president Donald Trump for his own handling of sensitive material — even if the cases, and the two presidents’ approach to them, have been notably different.

Joe screwed up their latest anti-Trump project and wrecked it like Teddy’s car at Chappaquiddick. And unlike Trump, who had the authority to declassify whatever file he saw fit, Biden did not possess that ability serving as vice president. Trump is a ticky-tack debate about declassification, and there were no nuclear secrets strewn about as initially reported. Biden is a question of legality since he wasn’t allowed to take any of these files with him, let alone leave them unprotected in the manner he did. There is no defense here, and Trump once again wins, waging long war with the Left.

  • Juan says:

    As I’ve said elsewhere, this is truly just the tip of the iceberg. Back when Biden was running for President there were many questions about what Biden had taken and has hidden in the University of Penn. it was not just a few documents either, we’re talking about hundreds of boxes of who knows what in a basement with possibly zero safeguards. He was VP when truckloads of documents were taken and stored in the building that they conveniently found the first set of documents in his office. Being VP he had no power to declassify anything.
    Now the question is out of the possibility millions of pages in this basement, how many are deemed Classified or Top Secret? There very well could be thousands of unprotected Top Secret/Classified documents in that basement.
    Then we have the fact that the CCP donated 54+ Million dollars to the University of Penn right at the time the building was built and the documents were stored there.
    It would be nice to know how many Chinese Communist Party Members have had access to the building and those documents. Maybe none, but it’s not a coincidence or even normal for another country to donate that kind of money for a former VP’s office building. Then there’s the fact that Pedo Peter and his Crack head son have been in the pocket of the CCP for quite some time. This can very well become much bigger than it currently is if not covered up.

  • EZ says:

    stop wasting our money on investigations, the f#k is guilty of almost every crime possible, hang the POS

  • k says:

    I see the “BLAME” games begin as fingers are being pointed @ Hunter (we all know that’s a whole lot of corruption w/that story) & the aides packing up those boxes. “BTW”, you can’t tell me those aides “DIDN’T” know about “CASSIFIED & / TOP SECRET” docs when they were packing those boxes up!!!

    “BUT” these “PUBLIC SERVANTS” in both parties have one issue in common as described in the 3rd paragraph~ (There were multiple stories about his age, his mental fitness, and how the White House staff also serves as assisted living nurses with this old man around).

    Age limitation (65 yrs. old max) should be seriously considered & by the way the “AGE” issue of recent is yet another excuse everyone is talking about~ think about it!!!

    81 million voted for him whilst in the basement~ we all know that’s b.s. as well as oh my, his age etc…

    We all know & knew there was going to be a point in time where JB wasn’t going to complete a 4 yr. term & how to spin it, is where they are @ in this point in time!!!

    Time to “PURGE” every branch of the government including those ABC branches along with getting back to the basic & it starts w/ “WE THE PEOPLE” who elected those “PUBLIC SERVANTS” into office~ they work for us & “NOT” the other way around…

    $174k starting pay + perks, it’s no wonder why America is in the shape it’s in~ what about that “OATH” everyone took, “PROTECT, HONOUR & DEFEND” whilst they collect those fat checks whilst “WE” the people struggle to make ends meet…. smh

  • william g munson says:

    Well here you go Again the Media playing it down again, saying that it is serious to appoint a Special to look into the Materials instead of Many Crimes is what has happened Period who ever looks at the Papers without Security Clearance is a Crime TOO



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