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Walmart Is Lowering Grocery Prices to Pre-Inflation Levels

Amidst constantly rising food prices, we love grocery shopping at Walmart for our favorite brands at the best prices. Recently the chain has been making quite a few changes to the stores and the latest big change makes us love the grocer even more. In a recent update, the brand announced it was lowering some grocery prices back to pre-inflation levels.

Walmart Is Lowering Grocery Prices

“In food, prices are lower than a year ago in places like eggs, apples and deli snacks, but higher in other places like asparagus and blackberries,” said C. Douglas McMillon, president and chief executive officer, in a Feb. 20 earnings call. “Dry grocery and consumables categories, like paper goods and cleaning supplies, are up mid-single digits versus last year and high teens versus two years ago. Private brand penetration is up in many of the countries where we operate, including the United States.”

What does this mean for shoppers? Significant rollbacks on food pricing on items like eggs, bread, fruit and deli snacks, which are some of the most common items on families’ grocery lists.

John R. Furner, CEO and president of Walmart US, added, “We took our french bread back to $1.00, which had been $1.00 for a long time and went up as inflation hit the market…Rotisserie chicken is another one. That price has ome down by $1.00.”

Another Big Change Coming to Walmart Grocery Shopping

There is also a buzz of activity going on with technology in the air with drone delivery being used to customize the shopping experience for Walmart customers.

“We already offer express delivery in the US where customers can get their orders delivered fast, but what if you need something faster?” he said. “Delivering by drone isn’t new to us. Over the last two years, we’ve operated 37 hubs across seven states, completing 20,000 deliveries. By the end of the year, we’ll make it available to about 75% of households in Dallas-Fort Worth.”

This is the largest drone delivery expansion of any U.S. retailer, making the service available to 1.8 million households. To see if your address is included, you can search your address on the drone provider’s website (DroneUp in Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Utah, and Virginia; Zipline in Arizona and in Texas later this year; Wing in Texas).

If drone delivery from Walmart is available in your area, you’ll have access to thousands of items and can expect your delivery in 30 minutes or less. Express delivery is also available from Walmart stores nationwide with delivery in as little as 30 minutes

Imagine what can happen now when you suddenly find yourself missing an ingredient as you are preparing dinner tonight. According to Furner, “There’s a pot of chili on the stove, and you realize you forgot chili seasoning. Drone delivery can get it to you in 15 minutes or less.”

  • Ann Chovie says:

    All a temporary ruse to strangle the smaller chains and raise the hell out of prices when they go out of business. It’s an old tactic to buy the market. Same way the Junk-Mart started in your town and killed all the local small shops.

  • Darlin1111 says:

    My closest Walmart has closed the self-checkout stands… That makes me very happy…

  • Cornelia Wissing says:

    Non-American here. With robbers allowed to enter any store and being ‘freed’ as long as they steal less than a certain amount’s worth of goods, is Walmart’s ‘lower prices’ helping shop lifters? Or do I simply misunderstand the entire matter?



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