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Walmart Ends Credit Card Partnership with Capital One

Walmart has ended a partnership with Capital One that made the banking company the exclusive issuer of Walmart’s consumer credit cards.

The companies announced the change in a joint statement Friday.

The companies said card-holders can still use their Capital One Walmart Rewards cards, which will continue to accrue rewards unless customers are notified of a change.

Capital One will retain ownership and servicing of the credit card accounts.

Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walmart partnered with Capital One in 2019 after ending its previous credit card deal with Synchrony Financial.

But Walmart eventually soured on Capital One.

In 2023, Walmart sued the McLean, Virginia-based company, saying it wanted to terminate the agreement because Capital One was taking too long to process payments and mail replacement cards.

A federal judge ruled in Walmart’s favor in March.

In a government filing Friday, Capital One said there are approximately $8.5 billion in loans in the existing Walmart credit card portfolio.

It’s not yet clear when Walmart might name a new banking partner.

  • gary says:

    I got talked into one of Walmart card on a tv purchase. They said I would save 30 bucks. I paid it off on the first bill and they said that was against their rules. It took months to get that bill straight. I finally took the card to their customer service in very small pieces and walked out, you know they fixed it then. Never again will I have a Walmart or Capt One and do my best not to shop there.

  • Scurvydog says:

    Everything in our world is connected to the love of money. Money talks. It is impossible to use cash for every purpose in a world where credit ratings rule the roost. I detest Capitol One. I detest Walmart’s penchant for selling mostly items made in China. I detest Target’s woke policies, along with many, many, others. The truth is, one cannot know the ideology, and integrity of every corporation. I would never intentionally support a company that hates Israel, or gives its profits to support LGBTQ, Antifa, or BLM groups, yet I know of few companies that make these bits of information known to the consumer. I wonder why? I don’t care if Capitol One and Walmart had a falling out. I don’t care if either of them go bankrupt, because neither one of them give one hoot in hell about my bottom line. It’s about how much money I generate for them.

  • None says:

    Only use my bank card is simple also pay everything else in cash.
    Glad I don’t own no other cards and pay cash or just bank card.
    Most of all glad that no bills are late or behind!
    Enjoy seeing no bills and not behind also credit bureaus so high. Ignored mails from Capital One and others.
    Enjoyed paying cash or only use bank card.
    No bills and stay within my own means.
    Credit companies need to stop making many join then many do not stay within their own means also credit company uses government interest rates go up as well use inflation being greedy!! What goes around are credit card companies go in the hole!!
    Glad I out smart them!
    If I do then others can do same! Pay cash or stay with just bank card with ur banks also stay within budget without goin over!
    Most of all that’s what USA needs to do to stay within our budget and get out of NATIONAL DEBT!
    It’s why America s first!!



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