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Walmart Announces Major Policy Change That Will Affect Millions of Customers

WALMART has announced a major policy change that will require customers to bring their own bags to the store in another state.

The change will reportedly start coming into effect next year in accordance with new Colorado law.

Signs were reportedly seen outside a Walmart in the state warning customers of the move, KRDO reports.

It initially said the ban on plastic bags would begin on September 15 but the signs have reportedly since been removed.

“Walmart has been exploring alternatives to single-use carryout bags from our stores since 2021 while prioritizing our customers’ convenience and product safety, including through the Beyond the Bag Consortium,” a Walmart spokesperson told KRDO.

“In the US, we have transitioned from plastic bags in Vermont, Maine and New Jersey and, starting early 2023, we expect to eliminate single-use carryout bags in Colorado as well—with reusable bags available for purchase at multiple prices.

“For in-store and curbside delivery, we will continue to encourage our customers to bring their own bags and/or purchase reusable bags and will be switching to reusable paper bags for delivery,” the spokesperson added.

“Walmart remains committed to identifying solutions that are scalable, convenient and sustainable.”

Colorado’s state legislature has implemented a single-use plastic ban beginning January 1, 2024.

Starting next year, a ten-cent fee will be applied to each bag purchased.

The latest change in Colorado comes after it was revealed that more than a dozen stores in Ohio will be updated as part of an $85million project.

Bosses say more self-checkout lanes will be available and customers will be able to advantage of features such as Walmart Pay, improving their experience.

Customers will be able to take advantage of the new self-checkout machines that are being installed, but there will be more manned tills.

Shoppers will be able to use Walmart Pickup – a tool that allows customers to order their groceries online before heading to their local store to collect them.

Staffers bag the items so patrons do not need to leave their cars.

Walmart bosses hope the changes will “create an updated experience for customers”, saving them “time and money”.

He expects the stores to be completely revamped within the next two months.

Baez told the outlet that the same stores will also begin offering curbside pick-up options.

The company’s goal is to have all 18 locations in Puerto Rico offer curbside pick-up within the next five years.

  • Chris says:

    Just another way to gouge more money out of the customer. Bad enough every month they raise their prices now they want to sell bags to put the things you paid for in them. They just keep proving they don’t care about the customer, only what they can steal out of their pockets.

  • Pete says:

    Just another reason not to shop at Wally World!

  • Danna pavlik says:

    What a joke walmart is. I’ll shop at kroger down the street…and transfer all my meds…

  • Mee says:

    Here in NYS, we had to have our own bags for a long time now. What took other states so long? No plastic bags at all in stores but it seems certain chains like Chinese food to take out are in plastic bags and if you have a big order at McDonalds they still have the big plastic bags.



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