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Volunteers for Abbott’s Campaign Attacked and Have Car Trashed in ‘political Violence’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s reelection campaign said two of its volunteers were assaulted by a man near Houston on Saturday while door-knocking.

The man allegedly chased the volunteers, attempted to “drag them out of their car,” and damaged the sideview mirrors on their car, per the campaign.

“Political violence is never acceptable. With just over a month until Election Day, the passion to win should never bubble over into something more dangerous,” Mark Miner, communications director for the Abbott campaign, said in a statement. “There is no place for this in Texas.”

Images of the damage to the car were released by the campaign on Sunday.

The campaign said that the suspect was taken into custody by Harris County, Texas, officials and that he has been charged with criminal mischief.

Authorities charged the man after finding pieces of the vehicle in the suspect’s trash can.

Abbott is locked in a reelection battle against Democrat Beto O’Rourke for the governor’s mansion. Real Clear Politics rates the Texas gubernatorial race as “leans GOP,” with Abbott showing a 7.5-point lead over O’Rourke based on RCP’s polling average.

  • Barbara Douglas says:

    This just proves NO ONE is safe when your opinion, or belief system goes against this government narrative! Good grief these people were just volunteers! Ignorance has become the “new normal”, and “dementia” is the new criteria for leadership! God help us, because He is truly the only one who can!

  • Wayne Tilly says:

    This is a man who is believed to be known as a compulsive deceptive lier and like most of those Democrats gets funding from Soros and others for backdoor favours. A man who cannot be trusted and refuses to come out of the closet.

  • Tracy says:

    God please help us defeat this evil surrounding us and our innocent children…
    I believe in You Father, and we need Jesus to save us from the demonrats.
    Please give us the courage and strength to do Your will…

    Please vote Republican across the board, and vote in person on election day…

  • A Mitchell says:

    Yes…right. The CONSERVATIVES are the violent extremists. By the midterm election the world will see the Dems for the criminals they are and all of Demented Joe’s lies will be seen for the fraud they are.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    They want to intimidate? They want to threaten? There’s really only ONE way you can tell a 100% Italian from those who aren’t. 100% Italians don’t threaten. They just do it – BADA BING! DONE! Like they say in the movie, you’ll never see it coming. THAT’S what these bastards need. A nice hospital job. One where they’ll never walk again.

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