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Video: ‘World’s Most Advanced’ Humanoid Robot Will Terrify You

The humanoid robot Ameca can be seen winking, pursing its lips, frowning and grinning in a mirror after receiving an upgrade to its facial expression capabilities.

The android, was given 12 new face actuators – basically a component of a machine that controls movements – and the life-like bot showed off its capabilities in front of a mirror in a video uploaded to YouTube.

Ameca, which is a product of UK-based Engineered Arts and billed as the ‘world’s most advanced’ humanoid robot, was previously seen grabbing a researcher’s hand in a video because he had entered its ‘personal space.’

The robot bears a resemblance to the machines in the Will Smith hit I, Robot, and has been seen interacting with humans at various tech conferences as well.

‘Designed specifically as a platform for development into future robotics technologies, Ameca is the perfect humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction,’ Engineered Arts writes on its website.

‘We focus on bringing you innovative technologies, which are reliable, modular, upgradable and easy to develop upon.’

Ameca’s latest upgrade sparked a range of comments from YouTube users – including several who said it was ‘mindblowing’ or ‘incredible’ work.

‘Compared to robot Sophia, my money would definitely be on Ameca. She is way ahead of Sophia and developing many times as fast. Compared to 3 years ago, Sophia has only made minor progress,’ one user writes.

‘Ameca’s expressions are also far more realistic. Combine Ameca with Boston Robotics mobility skills and Ameca will be walking, moving and talking like a human in no time (my guess is by 2024)’

Another user says: ‘That brow raise at the end was such a nice touch. Can’t wait to see it when the robots take us over.’

‘More expressions than the average Hollywood actor and actress,’ another user jokingly writes.

The company writes that ‘artificial intelligence and machine learning systems can be tested and developed on Ameca’ alongside its robotic operating system.

Of the previous development where the bot moved the researcher’s hand, the firm said: ‘Ameca reacts as things enter their ‘personal space.’

‘This is even starting to freak us out at Engineered Arts and we are used to it!’

  • BarbUltraMaga says:

    When the “highly skilled” programmers can attach a soul to it l’ll be impressed, but until then it’s just an oversized dangerous toy.

  • BH says:

    Looks like the many sociopaths wondering around in dem’s clothing.

  • John says:

    Robot is a close match to people i’ve encountered and seen in public. I’ve seen a lot of strange people do very strange things, have facial movements like this robot and much more.

  • John says:

    As an American Marine if I ever came across this on the streets of a Democrat communist N.W.O. government terrorist INFILTRATED STREET, I would introduce this tin can of microchips to what a flamethrower is, flamethrowers are not illegal to possess

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    But will it survive a AK? That’s the question. Lock and load, people! They’ll be forcing you to give up your guns before 2024, even if the GOP takes the House. Nothing is going to stop the global elites.

    The global elites are in full-gear w/ their NWO agenda. Within 2 years, 80% of EVERYONE who has taken the vaccine WILL BE DEAD – and that includes our military. That’s when China will make its move (through the United Nations), to invade America. Sounds crazy? Think about this: Did you even DREAM what you’re going through today – only 3 short years ago?

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