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Video Shows All-Female SWAT Team Absolutely Beclowning Themselves at International Competition

A hilarious and somewhat unbelievable video shows an all-women Chilean SWAT team struggling mightily to complete an obstacle course.

The video, posted to Twitter by @K9_Reaper, is like watching a car wreck in slow motion. It’s agonizing at times and yet so morbidly fascinating I just can’t force myself to look away.

This all-female team consisted of eight members of the Tactical Reaction Brigade of the Policía de Investigaciones de Chile (PDI), according to Gulf News. The team’s folly took place while they competed in the UAE SWAT Challenge 2024, and boy … was it something.


The video starts with five of them running towards a zip-line over a narrow strip of water. At this point I’m thinking, “So far, so good.” The ladies are maintaining a nice pace, and all signs point to a rousing display of physical excellence. But all hell breaks loose when they reach the zip-line.

The vanguard actually reaches the other side, just barely, and attempts to assist her compatriots by reaching out to pull them in. But the rest of the gals simply don’t have the weight or the core strength to will themselves across. They start slipping backwards one by one, and one of them falls straight into the water.

The lone warrior who made it across literally averts her gaze, likely out of sheer embarrassment.

The remaining three actually hang on for an impressively long amount of time. So long in fact that the girl who made it across gets off, runs around and attempts to push them across by sliding through and kicking the caboose in the back.

  • MyGeuss says:

    Oh yeah, I didn’t know they made a sport out of being an officer.

  • Elmer Fudd says:

    Love it. Modern day Keystone Kopps. Maybe they should have let one go at a time like they figured out much later. Women just don’t think like men do they? I’m sure a democrat though is looking at this and drooling for all the DEI that it represents. I’d love to see an all Black Woman American team. First one across snaps the zip line and causes a tidal wave soaking the audience. Hahahhahahahhaha!!!

  • Leslie says:

    Just a fine example of how men and women differ genetically in terms of physical strength! And this is also why men have no business competing in womens’ sports.



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