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Video: Reporter, Cameraman Attacked by ‘Militant Anarchists’ at Detransition Awareness Rally

A reporter, his cameraman, and a third unidentified person were allegedly assaulted Friday during a detransition awareness event in Sacramento, California, according to videos and text-based accounts posted by the reporter and other outlets.

“Militant anarchists and communists brutally assaulted a man with a weapon, splitting his head open and giving him a concussion,” Kalen D’Almeida, Frontlines reporter with TPUSA tweeted Friday.

“I was also assaulted. [I was] hit in the face with a long rod, leaving me with a cut on my face. My cameraman Charlie was also assaulted, and his camera was damaged by a strike from a blunt object attack.”

Saturday, D’Almeida posted additional video of the event to Twitter. He identified the “far-left militant trans activists” as being associated with a particular Instagram account.

“The @FrontlinesShow team was immediately attacked within seconds of being on scene. They destroyed our camera lens and assaulted me and my security,” D’Almeida alleges in the tweet.

In the first moments of the video, an unidentified man with an apparent gash on his forehead near or through his right eye, is seen making his way across the street. The street is filled with people, largely in black clothing, many of whom are carrying open, black umbrellas and pride flags.

“Get an ambulance,” someone says. “Call 9-1-1.”

“Commander, why are we holding back?”

Police officers, some in helmets with face shields, assist the man over a barricade and help him have a seat on the grass. He is visibly bleeding from the gash.

When the police officer asks for the injured man’s name, the man responds by saying what sounds like “Keiran.” The victim’s name has not yet been confirmed.

D’Almeida said violent black bloc militants showed up to silence Chloe Cole, who headlined the event. According to D’Almeida, Cole received “hundreds of [threats of] violence such as having her eyes scooped out.”

D’Almeida added that he has additional, unreleased bodycam and 4k footage of the event, and will be sharing the story Monday on his outlets.

During the event, the Sacramento Police Department fielded three reports related to assault. One individual was detained and arrested for assault related charges, the SPD also said.

OurDuty, a non-partisan group of parents and allies, organized the Friday afternoon event along 10th Street in Sacramento in association with the Detrans Awareness Day organization.

They say the purpose of the Detransition Awareness Day rally was to “honor those harmed by the gender industry and ignored by the mainstream media and politicians on the left, gravely exposing the gender industry’s lies.”

“The animosity of those opposed to us raising awareness of the plight of detransitioners is such that it is necessary to hire security,” OurDuty’s webpage announcing the rally noted.

The event was headlined by 18-year-old Chloe Cole, who recently announced a lawsuit against the hospital system and health care professionals who participated in providing her with cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and a double mastectomy when she was between the ages of 13-16.

TheBlaze cautions viewers that the below videos posted by D’Almeida just after the alleged attacks contain graphic imagery.

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