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Video of Student Goes Viral After Being ‘Deprogrammed’ About White Privilege

Turning Point USA reporter Savanah Hernandez said she took an opportunity to “deprogram” a college student at the University of Texas, Austin, who tried to explain why having “White privilege” meant he had more opportunities than her.

“I grew up as a White man, and yet you’re the exact opposite, you know? And so it’s like my experiences are going to be different from yours,” the student said.

“How come?” Hernandez asked.

” I think, you know, there is a thing of, like, White privilege,” he said before Hernandez jumped in, asking what privileges he has that she doesn’t.

“Oh, see, that’s the question I keep asking myself, because, like, in this day and age, like all the laws I say, all the laws, you know, it’s hard to speak on something I’m not fully knowledgeable of. So, like, I’m sorry if I, like, make a mistake in saying this, but it’s like…ummm….” Hernandez questioned if he thought it was a problem in society when White people think that they have more privileges than Brown or Black people.

“Yeah, and I think that’s sort of the agenda that’s pushed off because partially it’s like not that I think I’m more privileged than anyone else because I had to work to get where I was,” he responded.

“Well, why do you have that mentality immediately where you, you know, kind of apologize to me? Like, let’s talk about privilege. Let’s talk about I’m a White man in America, so we could have grown up differently. Why is that your first initial reaction to me as a Brown woman?” she asked.

“Wow, you’re getting me good. See, these are the kind of conversations that I love having, and I think it comes from a place of like. I wouldn’t say caution, but like in this day and age, people are so quick to judge and react and cancel,” he explained. “And so I guess it’s at that like caution to go into an interview like this. I’m like, I don’t know where we’re at, but now I know where we’re at and I can like, go for real.”

Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson called the whole exchange “heart-breaking.” “What we have done to young people in the name of virtue is unforgivable,” he wrote on Twitter.

Others praised the exchange saying it was “probably the first non aggressive interaction this kid has had about this topic.”

“”Bro needs a red pill in his life,” conservative digital strategist Greg Price tweeted.

“I believe he was doing leftist skimping based on the assumption that you held those views based on your race,” editor-at-large of The Post Millennial Andy Ngo tweeted.

“Feed him all the red pills,” journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted.

“He a good dude. He just a little dumb and scared,” FreedomSpeaksUp CEO Seth Weathers tweeted.

  • Common sense in America? says:

    I know where he’s coming from. He’s scared to tell the truth or every person of color would treat him like he is a racist … based solely because of the color of his skin. (Which ironically is what the definition of racism is!!!!)



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