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Video Footage Shows Pelosi and Schumer Reacting to Jan. 6 in Real Time

Shocking video footage shows Democrats’ reactions to the January 6 Capitol Hill protests in real time.

A seven-minute video captures House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) panicking as protesters entered the Capitol.

“Do you believe this?” Pelosi is heard saying, adding, “I can’t.”

A witness heard Pelosi talking to someone on the phone as protesters stormed the building.

“We have got to finish these proceedings, or else they will have a complete victory,” Pelosi said while on the phone.

Pelosi was reportedly on the phone with former Vice President Mike Pence to determine whether lawmakers would be able to return to the building to resume certification of the Electoral College votes.

“We’re trying to figure out how we can get this job done today,” Pelosi said while speaking to Pence.

At one point, Pelosi was also seen watching CNN coverage of the event. An onlooker claimed that she was shocked while watching the day unfold.

Meanwhile, Schumer was reportedly angered that former President Trump had yet to make a statement.

The Washington Examiner notes that Pelosi later informed Schumer that she had a call with Pence, and he replied that he had already talked to then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Additionally, while protesters were entering the Capitol, Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy took a call with Trump telling him to call back his supporters who were heading toward the building.

According to a witness, Trump told McCarthy that the “rioters” were Antifa members, to which McCarthy replied, “No, they’re your people.”

“I guess they’re just more upset about the election than you are,” Trump reportedly fired back at McCarthy.

  • ThePeopleArePissed says:

    And it was all a set up to prevent our elected President from taking his rightful position.
    Hang Pelosi for treason.

  • NancyJ says:

    Pelosi apparently set it up by not agreeing to President Trump’s wishes for security! This travesty against honest Americans all belong to her. The mayor of Washington is just as culpable!
    Innocent Americans suffer because of those two. I hope they sue!

  • Teresa says:

    That photo looks more like Pelosi and Schumer are plotting and planning their lying scheme agsinst Trump. Nether of them looks afraid.



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