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Video: Drag Queen Wearing Thong Twerks for Children at Pride Event in Alaska

How is this legal?

A drag queen wearing a thong twerked for children at a ‘family friendly’ pride event in Soldotna Creek, Alaska.

The drag queen shook his bare ass in front of young children and did backflips to a cheering crowd.


The Soldotna pride event took place on June 17 but the video of the half naked drag queen was making the rounds this weekend.

“Celebrate our diversity as we walk, ride, or roll through Soldotna in support of our LGBT Community. Join us immediately after at Soldotna Creek Park for free live entertainment.” the event page said.

The pride event page encouraged attendees to tip the drag queens cash:

The Show: Out performers include:
– The High Femmes
– BeyQuance
– Athena Nuff
– Brenden Bad
– (If you are able, please bring cash for tipping our wonderful entertainment)

The Picnic: We will have information booth and vendors available. There will be limited – no food trucks – plan for a picnic (BYO- Picnic)!

  • Bruce Walters says:

    Cut off it’s balls, sew them in it’s mouth and give it a 12 gauge enema

  • Gaylon says:

    Even in Alaska. Is there no place safe in the U.S. where kids won’t be exposed to this nasty filth? And in case you haven’t seen it yet Hallmark is even putting gays and lesbians in prominent roles and having traditional straight couples embrace them to make it look normal. You better stand up and object or we’ll just get more of it.

  • wokestinks says:

    Why are kids allowed at these perverts goings on. These exhibitionists are queers & they’re not called queers because they’re normal. Ban all the gay pride and lgbt soft porn in schools, kids do not want to see these trashy people and their fetish perversions. I don’t give a toss about gay people who just get on with their lives , dress normal & don’t preach about their sexuality or try to force it down others throats, they’re ok ,but these scum bags are a whole different story. Being a very very minute minority they should not be allowed among vulnerable kids , its just child grooming ..They’re indecent and should be arrested for dressing worse than cheap whores in public .

  • I want to see how many adults attended with their children. Please, stop hiding the numbers and the parent’s face’s. Allow the other adults in these communities to know who the immoral perps are that walk amongst them. In a rational and moral society, with rules and laws governing public behavior, these trans-cretins would be arrested for indecent exposure and turpitude. If a nation accepts the fairy tale that men are women and women are men, and a multitude of genders exists, we are doomed. The reality is plain, very simple, and specific regarding HUMAN biology, there are only two genders, male and female. If there is an identity problem, a man or woman thinking they are fish or dog, there exists a real psychological problem. The exact same disorder is the transgender disorder. Psychiatric wards are loaded with these misfits. Why on earth are we allowing and accepting this obvious psychotic behavior as normal in our society? Please find some BIZZARO WORLD comic books where up is down and wrong is right, and you may begin to understand.

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