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Veteran Reporter Reveals How Many Mental Health Incidents Biden Suffered Over the Past 18 Months

Not many want to run for the United States presidency in the modern era: you must be a crazy person. You subject yourself and your family to the scrutiny of the world. We also need to know about your health.

This issue isn’t Biden-centric. Health issues, among other things, derailed George McGovern’s 1972 bid since his running mate, Thomas Eagleton, was revealed to have suffered severe mental health issues and depression, some episodes required hospitalization and electric shock therapy.

In the modern era, you can’t be a half-brain dead zombie like Joe Biden, whose mental health issues were an ongoing issue for this administration for the past 18 months.

These concerns were brought to top White House staffers, like Ron Klain, but brushed aside. The media also tried to inquire about these moments. The White House’s reaction was to obscure and deflect.

Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein went on CNN and delivered a damning report about the president’s deteriorating mental health crisis, where he had at least 15 instances which were not so dissimilar to his disastrous debate performance last Thursday night.

Bernstein recalled one New York City fundraiser where the president entered a state of rigor mortis, leading to a chair being brought out for Biden.

Bernstein did close by saying that Joe is sharp as a tack on national security issues—who are they trying to fool with that one:

It’s also a bit scary. Let’s say Joe is mentally sharp during national security briefings and meetings, why has he always run aground? The president has and will remain an American official who has been wrong on every foreign policy venture over the past four decades. Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the terror pier in Gaza are three colossal failures.

The debate has destroyed the protective shield White House aides had draped over this aged, decrepit man who can’t hack it. And the polling doesn’t lie. Yet, years of gaslighting has led to Democrats somehow being blindsided though I’m indifferent on that one.

  • Badger says:

    BIDEN SUCK. He needs to go.

  • q says:

    Dems goin down!

  • CH says:

    Let’s face it….joe could take a dump in front of the podium on national TV and the demonkkkrats would still support him, even those who say he needs to be replaced as the nominee. It takes a special kind of evil to publicly state a man is not fit for office and then vote for him anyway. Shame on them putting their hatred of one man over the good of the Country.

    • R says:

      CH, he did that already remember when he went to the UK while seeing and having a meeting with Queen Elizabeth, he shit in his Depends.

  • Vance says:

    President Trump,
    Thankyou sir for accepting my advice. Staying out of the Political Fray that is the beginning of the Democrat party eating its self. Keep up the Good work.

  • Peggy says:

    Berstien is a snake. Hes a bidone lover



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