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UFOs Over Vegas? Military Base Denies Involvement

A fascinating and mysterious video shows UFOs hovering over Las Vegas.

UFO sightings are a hot topic these days, and with every new video that’s unexplainable, interest only grows hotter.

This one from Vegas is one of the weirdest ones yet. In a video shared by 8 News NOW, several unknown objects can be seen hovering over Sin City. The objects also aren’t small.

In fact, the unknown UFOs appear to be incredibly large. To make matters more interesting, 8 News NOW reached out to the local military base – Nellis Air Force Base – and officials at the base denied being involved.

Could they be lying? Sure, but Nellis Air Force Base isn’t exactly known for hosting crazy and strange tech. Give the video a watch below, and see for yourself if you can figure out what the hell was going on.

UFOs have captivated the attention of America.

Honestly, this is one of the coolest UFO videos we’ve seen in a long time. It’s not some random grainy video shared on a subreddit with no views.

This is a very clear and crisp video – albeit, from a distance – that was aired by a legit news network. 8 News NOW even reached out to local military officials.

That’s a sign they were taking it very seriously.

Could the military still have played a role?

Now, is there another military explanation that might make sense? Ruling out Nellis Air Force Base doesn’t exactly mean the military wasn’t involved.

Do we all know what’s not too far from Las Vegas? Area 51. It’s roughly two hours away in a car, and I will absolutely not post a Google Maps screenshot below as I often do for stories of this nature. The last thing I need is the United States government paying me a visit because I shared specific directions to a highly-classified military base on OutKick. Google it yourself!

Whatever was in the sky could definitely have been something from Area 51, and there’s no way anyone would know. The government isn’t exactly open about what goes on there. In fact, the entire point of Area 51 is that it’s incredibly secret. It’s the location of America’s top weapons development programs. Do we think they might have some secret flying tech that could resemble UFOs? I think there’s definitely a good chance.

Or, maybe it is little green men zipping around! We keep an open mind and don’t rule anything out at OutKick. Give us your best UFO theories in the comments below.

  • Michael says:

    I am not sure but holographic projection come to mind .

  • Michael says:

    As for the Air Force , the first thing they are going to do is deny everything and the last thing they will do is admit to anything .

  • Darlin1111 says:

    I live in Las Vegas, I hope that they don’t kidnap me!!! lololll…

  • B says:

    What better way for total takeover is to instill fear in the people. What better way for the Anti-Christ to eventually come into power. Bible predicts that in the end times there will be delusions manifested. UFOs? Cattle mutilations? Satan will manifest his demons to bring the most unholy acts upon the people.
    Look to the sky for a Jesus- the Tribulation draws near.Have faith in Christ. He is our only hope.



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