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UFC Champ Asks the Question On All Our Minds: What’s Up With Ghislaine Maxwell’s Client List?

UFC champion Isreal Adesanya successfully defended his title at UFC 276 in what some are calling a lackluster decision.

Where the champ really lived dangerously was during an interview prior to the event. Ghislaine Maxwell, who provided underage girls for convicted pedo Jeffrey Epstein and his associates, just received twenty years for sex trafficking.

Israel, who has already proven to be based, joins Elon Musk in wanting to know “what about that client list?”

“[Ghislaine Maxwell] was supplying kids for all these f*cking pedos, right? […] Do they not get any time for actually f*cking those kids?”

It’s a fascinating question. Some random dude in New York City recorded a TikTok complaining about bodegas, and we found out where that guy worked just to get him fired. By “we” I mean “schmucks on Twitter.” Yet, one of the most powerful men in the world supplies underage girls to some of the other most powerful men in the world, and nothing.

I mean, Epstein counted among his boys Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. If you threw in Bill Cosby he would have hit the Bill trifecta. But even Cosby has standards.

The reason we might not know Maxwell’s client list is because, the last time names started to leak, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. Maxwell’s family was already concerned she wasn’t going to kill herself, too, and that was before she was put on suicide watch.

Maxwell’s client list is up there with Obama’s college records. We may never know and are left to wonder.

  • Cheryl says:

    We need to DEMAND to know who these slimeballs are that were committing these atrocities. This was a gigantic blackmail scheme by Maxwell and Epstein (two Mossad) I’m sure they’re in our government, entertainment, corporations etc. So, who’s doing the blackmailing now??

  • Candace Warren says:

    The Trial is OVER. Make that list PUBLIC. What ever happened to “the people have a right to know.
    Let the chips fall where they may.

  • Cathy says:

    Anyone know the going rate for a non-suicide death??

    If they spin enough crap into the vortex of insanity w/jan 6 then they think they can deflect the sickness of the pedophiles. It will only not happen if we let!

  • j says:

    thats Strange Obama as a Lawyer sealed His own Records…..But…..But Obama LIED on the Bar Exam and did not mention He came under the Name Berry….He said He never had a differant Name…

    So the Question is why are His Records Locked Up….He was not a Real Lawyer any way….

  • Ned Kelly says:

    TOO many political people from many countries dont want that list exposed.



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