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Two Women Are Told They’ve Broken the Law by Criticizing Male Attempting to Breastfeed a Child

Two Australian women were reportedly given notices informing them that they committed a crime by criticizing a male, who identifies as a woman, that was trying to breastfeed a baby.

The news was first reported by the “Pro-Woman, Pro-Child Safeguarding, Anti-Bullsh*t,” media outlet Reduxx.

According to the outlet, Twitter contacted the two women — Jasmine Sussex and Leah Whiston — on May 16, notifying them that they had violated Australian law in several of their tweets.

The platform told the two that a “government entity or law enforcement agency” had informed them of their alleged crime, and that the platform had been forced to hide the content from Australian users.

The posts in question had been critical of Jennifer Buckley, a female-identified male.

Buckley had previously announced online that, after two years of transitioning, he had induced lactation and had begun breastfeeding his newborn son, who his wife had given birth to.

Sussex was heavily critical of this, telling the U.K.’s Daily Mail that “men shouldn’t breastfeed because breastfeeding [is] for the baby,” and that “there is no evidence that any male-induced milk is equivalent to mother’s milk.”

“We have no idea if the substance is even milk. It’s absolutely a human experiment on babies,” she told the outlet.

As a volunteer breastfeeding counselor, Sussex was reportedly fired from her job in 2021 for failing to comply with the adoption of “gender neutral” language in breastfeeding care — a claim which the ABA denied to the Daily Mail.

A year after, she was removed from the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA), Reduxx reported.

“I was sacked for. … ‘Engaging in Sectarian Controversy’ in breach of the ABA constitution,” she told Reduxx. “In other words, continuing to talk about the dangers of gender identity ideology for mothers and babies, including how men were forcing their way into the breastfeeding relationship by attempting to induce lactation.”

Whiston, meanwhile, is the representative for the Standing for Women Queensland (SFWQ) page.

She had posted a Twitter thread on the page, revealing that an LGBT lobby group had allegedly given the ABA $20,000 for them to create an educational booklet about “chest feeding.”

Under the post was a screenshot of a now-redacted article from the Daily Mail which had explained Buckley’s decision to begin breastfeeding.

Sussex replied to the tweet, adding a link to another article and saying: “This is Buckley’s delusional queer theory take on his experience ‘breastfeeding.’ Silver lining of this awful start to life for baby Auden is that he was almost exclusively formula fed thanks to his mum.”

SFWQ shared several other images of the Daily Mail article, suggesting that Buckley’s “obsess[ion] with making his wife’s newborn baby suck his nipples” amounts to “child abuse.”

It was these tweets that were reported to Twitter. However, it’s unclear at this point what law they violated.

“I see that women are silenced all the time now for speaking out about the wrongs of child abuse. Child abuse seems to have been totally normalized these days,” Whiston opined to Reduxx. “I’ve been horrified ever since. Mainly worrying about [the] safety of his wife and child.”

She went on to demand accountability from the ABA, questioning why they would allow “men to use babies as props for [their] sexual fetishes.”

  • Arthur Kelly says:

    Arrest me for it. Wannabemamma dont like it? I will take you, your law and your state to the supreme court. The law is unconstitutional and illegal.

    • Arthur Kelly says:

      Lol, got all riled up then saw the aussie thing. Im calmin down….. Anything goes there I suppose.

    • dg says:

      Arthur, I don’t think Australia has a constitutionally protected freedom of speech like the US.

  • TD says:

    This is real disgusting with the law thing, Thought Australia was hole but now I know it for sure, It is in the right place on the planet to look like the Asshole off the world, Down under

  • Transgender assasinator says:

    That baby will die of poison, tainted breast Milk. And it should. I hope they all do. That is sick. They’ll be strung up before to long. Transgenders are gona be disappearing from public view in 2025. Mental retarded human freaks of Medical Science.



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