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Two Major Holes Found in FBI’s Case Against Pro-Life Father, Documents Reveal

New documents call into question two key components of the FBI’s charges against Mark Houck, the pro-life father of seven who was arrested by federal agents Sept. 23 for allegedly shoving a Planned Parenthood clinic escort.

The FBI charged Houck with two counts of assaulting a reproductive health care clinic escort in violation of the FACE Act, which makes it a federal crime to interfere with someone “because that person is a provider of reproductive health care.”

Houck’s arrest by numerous federal agents made national headlines, but newly unearthed documents undermine some of the FBI’s charges against him.

Houck was praying near an abortion clinic when Bruce Love, who claims to be a longtime clinic escort, approached him and began behaving “extremely aggressively” and harassing Houck’s then-12-year-old son, his attorney, Peter Breen, told the Daily Caller News Foundation; Love was not escorting any patients at the time of the altercation, according to Breen.

Love only mentioned being shoved once in a prior criminal complaint about the incident, according to a copy of his private criminal complaint first obtained by the Federalist, but Houck’s federal indictment is for two instances of assault. The fact that Love only later mentioned a second shoving undermines the federal government’s decision to charge Houck with two counts of assault, according to Breen.

“Apparently Mr. Love is now claiming a second instance where he says he was knocked to the ground,” Breen said. “That is false. We look forward to some sort of evidence of that alleged other instance because if a crime had actually taken place we assume that Mr. Love would have put it in his private criminal complaint he brought to the Pennsylvania state courts.”

Houck’s other attorney, Matt Heffron, offered to accept the summons on Houck’s behalf and said his client would show up voluntarily in an email to Assistant U.S. Attorney Anita Eve, but Eve didn’t respond until the day of the arrest, according to emails obtained by the Federalist.

“When the defendant has a lawyer, a respected former federal prosecutor, offering to bring the deferment wherever the US attorney’s office would like him presented there is no reason to send one agent, much less 20,” Breen said. “The question is why there were a bunch of people with long guns, ballistic shields and body armor outside this peaceful person’s home to effect an arrest warrant that was utterly unnecessary and really put the Houck family in danger.”

The indictment also makes no mention of patients being present, and their apparent absence undermines the federal government’s use of the FACE Act to prosecute Houck, Breen argued.

  • Nina S. says:

    It doesn’t matter to them how the law reads, they just IGNORE THE FACTS and do what they want! The so called victim WAS NOT ESCORTING ANYONE TO THE CLINIC, at that time he is no different than a regular citizen, not a ” federal employee”, as the law reads they have to be! Initial report one shove, after acting aggressive to the man’s son. Later amended to 2 incidents! Really, you just FORGOT! The FBI has become a private arm of the Dems to persecute anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their agenda! Or should I say GOOSE STEP, because their tactics are reminiscent of the Nazi actions of the Brown shirts and SS!

  • Observer says:

    Just more proof of the weaponized paramilitary arm of our nation being used by a group of criminals who turned a political party into their own cabal to overthrow the nation. These are people who have been secreting this that was kicked off by Obama. Hillary was assured a win , which is why she is ready to go again. Hoping the kinks are worked out. Those who have shown and fought to expose the dominion machines will be hit hard with outrageous law suits and made to look like their evidence is made up. Just in time to influence any election. People must have patriots watching every voting place and any drop offs for mail ins. Without fair and honest elections we lose a major component what made us great. All involved with and up to the Oval Office involved in this need to be exposed and charged accordingly.

  • BWH says:

    Garland is just doing what Obama is telling him to do. Biden hasn’t a clue what’s happening.

  • FBI-h8ter says:

    FBI has lost all credibility to me. If I am on any jury where the FBI is involved, the case will always be won for whom they are accusing of any crime.

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