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Two Dead After Gunfire Erupts Inside a Walmart Leaving Shoppers Running for Their Lives

Authorities in Georgia said a shooting at a Walmart Wednesday afternoon left two people dead.

Hiram Police Chief Mike Turner said the shooting at the Walmart Super Center, located at 4166 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway, took place at approximately 7:30 p.m., FOX 5 reported. It is believed to be a murder-suicide, and the deceased, including one male and one female, were both “younger people” who were previously in a relationship, the police chief said.

“What it appears to be is a known-to-known shooting event where both parties knew each other. This was not an active shooter. This was one person knew another person, there was some kind of former relationship,” said Turner.

According to the report, officers found a man and woman both suffering from at least one gunshot wound and transported them to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. They were pronounced dead upon arrival.

Chief Turner did not disclose their identities as they are waiting for next of kin to be notified. He clarified the deceased male was considered the assailant and the female was the victim.

“You can imagine, in there shopping picking up stuff for your family, when shots rang out. Not only for the victim herself, but also the other people in there, the fear that had to be instilled by this type of event,” the chief explained.

“This is one of those event where it’s going to happen where the two people happen to meet. We have no control over that,” he continued. “I mean literally if we would have had an officer standing over on the other side of Walmart they could have not prevented this.”

Witnesses told FOX 5 Atlanta that they had heard shots and evacuated the store.

“As soon as a heard the second shot, I ran straight for the exit because I heard the gunshot come from my left side, so I ran to the right exit,” witness Devani Lopez told the outlet. “I ran straight for the car. I could see everyone running for their lives. Everyone was just so panicked and scared.”

On Wednesday evening, Walmart released a statement saying the company was “heartbroken” and was complying with investigators.

“We’re heartbroken by what happened at our Hiram store tonight. Our priority, right now, is the safety of our associates and customers. The store will remain closed while we work with law enforcement during their investigation.”

A mass shooting last year at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, left six victims and the shooter dead. The major retail chain has seen other smaller shootings at various locations in recent years.

About two weeks after the Chesapeake shooting in 2022, there was a shooting outside a Walmart in Marietta, Georgia.

Marietta is about 15 miles away from Hiram.

An investigation into the shooting remains ongoing.


    Getting to be an everyday occurrence in Biden’s Destroy Better America. I’m starting to believe this is all set up by the leftist psychopaths like everything else these devil’s do. It’s SICKENING!!! FJB FBO

  • 1stAand2ndA says:

    What color were they?

  • PFA (Protection from Abuse) do NOT work! says:

    WOW journalist who actually spoke out that this is happening more often…..BUT the fact that they are downplaying it as if “NO one could ever stop these events from taking place” ? REALLY? How many Women or Abused Citizens have stepped forward and asked the question to the Judge and to the Public – – “IF he comes around me again, should I just wave that paper PFA form the Judge signs in front of their eyes? Will that stop them from killing me?” ~ ~ HOW Many More Times Does an Innocent Victim have to Beg to be Protected? I bet we’ll learned that she had a Protection From Abuse out on him. When is America going to take it seriously? It’s just another year topic than when compiling the Govt Budget that they automatically add 5% on to but NOTHING changes! When Gov Ron DeSantis permitted Tiffany Carr to get an easy sentence, that is the day I dropped my support for him. Tiffany Carr ran the entire Domestic Abuse Program for the State of Florida. In her last 2-3 years she earned 7.5 Million dollars and had 350 days of PTO. She never came to work in Florida – as she lived in Georgia. IF it wasn’t for the hundreds of domestic abuse victims continually complaining to News Reporters, nothing would have been done. That is how Domestic Violence is handled – – eventually the Hot Head/Abuser kills the Victim and then that case gets closed; it’s disgusting. But so is tolerating the SAME People to use the SAME Programs that accomplish nothing. State of Florida sued Tiffany Carr and she’s supposed to pay back some of those Millions but Domestic Abuse – who cares, right? She manipulated her contract and kept adding more and more paid days off and NO ONE noticed or even commented that “Hey why is this Workers getting 10x the high end of the salary for her work – can we see improvement – etc” NOPE, no one noticed, no one cared and NO improvements had been made – in fact the opposite was happening because the Shelters didn’t have funds to even buy Soap or Shampoo and the Director was living in another State not giving a S**t. So these types of incidents will continue to happen UNLESS Society Demands Better! We’re still in the 65+ years “War on Drugs” and innocent bystanders will be hit & killed when Abusers are striking back at their Victims as that mere PFA paperwork doesn’t stop a Knife or a Bullet. ~ ~ Absolute Tragedy – but tomorrow it will happen somewhere else.

  • Wayne says:

    Thanks for the update on WalMart’s gun free policy. Sadly it’s working about like we expected.

    • Jack Tripper says:

      The gunman must have missed the “Gun Free Zone” sign. They are gonna have to make the font bigger so this doesn’t happen again.

  • LetsGoBrandon says:

    You know, the Walmart right around the corner from Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.

    • dw says:

      No it isn’t anywhere near any MLK blvd. It is in a very rural country area where not much bad stuff happens unless it’s domestic, which, apparently this was. I shop there all the time.

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