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Tulsi Gabbard’s Aunt Murdered in Cold Blood

Samoan police have reported that former University of Hawaii professor Caroline Sinavaiana-Gabbard, who is the aunt of former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, was murdered at the GaluMoana Theater in Samoa.

According to Hawaii News Now, Sinavaiana-Gabbard, 78, was killed by Samoan playwright Papalii Sia Figiel, 57, after the two got into a heated argument at the GaluMoana Theater.

Spectrum News reported Figiel stabbed Sinavaiana-Gabbard several times and beat her with a hammer until her death.

After the violent act, Figiel allegedly fled to a friend’s house, where she was later arrested.

Initially, Fiegel was charged with suspicion of manslaughter, but after a preliminary investigation, authorities increased the charge to murder.

Per Hawaii News Now:

Samoan police have charged a prominent playwright with the murder of retired UH professor Caroline Sinavaiana-Gabbard, former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s aunt.

Police say Samoan playwright Papalii Sia Figiel, 57, was charged with the murder at her home.

She was initially arrested on manslaughter charges, but police upgraded the charge after finding “incriminating” evidence, including a small knife and hammer. A motive is still under investigation.

Media outlets report the two women were colleagues and friends, and that Gabbard was Figiel’s mentor.

In response to his sister being murdered, Hawaii state Senator Mike Gabbard wrote, “Caroline was my best friend as a teenager.”

“I love her deeply and wish her well as she continues her journey. While I sincerely forgive the murderer of this horrific crime, I’m hoping justice will be served, and that person will be punished to the full extent of the law,” added Gabbard.

  • Dorothy says:

    Is this how human beings are behaving now. It is totally barbaric. What a horrible way to die. I hope she is at peace. Get this woman and throw her in jail for life.

    • Henchy says:

      A Samoan rat infested jail with stale bread for all meals and maybe a few weekly hammer slams to the toes and fingers.

  • Linda says:

    We all need to find our humanity and consider the loss families feel when a loved one dies. Ugly and unrelated statements are simply wrong.



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