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Tucker Reveals More About Videos to Glenn Beck, Including How Evidence Nailed the Jan. 6 Committee

Tucker Carlson did an interview with Glenn Beck on Wednesday, going into more detail about the Jan. 6 video footage that he had been covering. We reported on some of that video footage on the first here and here.

Among the things he addressed in the interview was the question of the “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley.

Beck said that a Capitol Police official had remarked that in some situations on that day, the police tried to de-escalate with some of the protesters. Carlson said they likely did but he said that didn’t seem to truly explain the situation with Chansley who was not only led around the building by the cops, but none of them tried to stop him, even when they vastly outnumbered him — nine officers to one guy, and they opened doors for him.

He prayed and thanked God for them helping him. At no point did he hurt anyone, nor was he charged with hurting anyone. He pled guilty to “obstruction of official proceedings” and got a 41-month sentence.

“What the heck is that,” Carlson said. “Don’t tell me it’s something that it’s not.” He asked why Republicans were going along with this too and why didn’t they want us to see it, explicitly referencing the “horrible” Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). “I know deception when I see it,” he said.

Compare that to BLM/Antifa/leftist folks who have been involved in riots or “obstructing official proceedings.” If they had done so without hurting anyone, they likely would have been given a pass without serious charges. Let’s remember back to the mobs going wild over Brett Kavanaugh. Most of the people who were arrested for rioting on Trump’s inauguration day in D.C. had their charges dismissed.

Heck, let’s even think about all the attacks on crisis pregnancy centers and churches right now. Where’s all the action on those cases? And that’s part of the problem here. Carlson said you still have people being held in jail now on Jan. 6 charges without trial yet, 26 months later.

Beck asked him about terming the Committee members “liars.”

Carlson explained that they could tell that the Committee had seen these videos by the electronic bookmarks, but they didn’t put them forth, because they knew that it would mess with their narrative. He said they wanted to use the narrative as a “cudgel to beat down their opponents and grab more power for themselves,” and that we can’t allow what is supposed to be objective law enforcement as a political tool against political opponents.

He said he knew Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was a “force of darkness” but he was surprised Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and then Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) were “liars” too.

Tucker also revealed that with all the media meltdowns against him, not one of the media had asked him if they could see the videos. So Beck asked and he said he would arrange it.

Beck asked what would be his takeaway. Carlson said, “That you’re being lied to and you deserve better.”

  • Jose3 says:

    Lets not forget that, that greedy old rabid wicked witch of San Fransico .. aka “Nonsense Piglousi”, that she also needs to be held to account for her malicious role in the J-6 charade of a committee. She needs to be forced to produce all of her E-mails and “personal communications” prior, and after the J-6 “insurrection” .. before the time when POTUS Trump proposed to her to enhance security measures for the said event. However, and, above it all, it is due time for the lot of lying deceitful cowards and thieving parasites .. aka “democrats”, as well as for those known backstabbing “rinos” .. for ALL of those deceitful malevolent pigs to receive the severe punishment they truly do deserve. For, their willfully, knowingly and intentionally lying to and, shamelessly continue (for way over 6 years now) to waste and steal the money from the productive US taxpayers .. while fully engaged in their malicious political persecutions – instead of their faithfully, honestly and responsibly, tending to their sworn obligations. Time to demand for their “voluntary” vacating of their government post, and have face the legal consequences for their libel and dereliction to their duty.



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