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Tucker Reacts to His Remaining Staff at Fox News Being Fired

Tucker Carlson was asked by The Blaze’s Glenn Beck how he felt about the remaining staff being let go by Fox News in a “degrading” way.

Chadwick Moore, who has written an extensive book about Carlson, revealed last week the nine remaining employees were frogged marched out of the building, where Fox News’ human resources were waiting for them.

Beck asked Carlson during the 2023 FAMiLY Leadership Summit what he thought about the situation.

“That is, and this certainly not a defense of the company that is doing that, but this is kind of par for Corporate America, I think it’s disgusting. And I would say two things. One, you should always be loyal to people who are loyal to you. Loyalty is reciprocal. People give up a lot on your behalf, you should do the same for them. I’ve seen seen a publicly traded company do that for anybody in the United States…I think it’s a huge sin that they all commit,” Carlson said.

Carlson recalled when he first started working in journalism, Human Resources was called Personnel and it had a minor role in the company. Today, Carlson said, Human Resources has made corporate America more cruel and soulless.

“It’s stripped the humanity from people and turned them into widgets. HR is an instrument of cruelty and force and coercion.”

  • Russian says:

    Fuck FAUX news. BOYCOTT THEM to bankruptcy.

    • Boycotter says:

      I agree. Fuck Fox News and their drunken Lindsey Graham too !
      TRUMP 2024

      We support Real America’s Voice for real news !!!
      Ben and Jerry’s
      Yuengling, Kellogg’s, Cracker Barrel, META-Instagram, Pottery Barn, Marvel, LEGO,
      Chick-fil-A, PetSmart,
      Kohl’s, Always-P&G
      Tractor Supply, Target, Starbucks, Levi Strauss, Miller, Coors-Molson, Smirnoff, Ford, Fox, Nike, Google, Coke, Kraft-Heinz, Maybelline, Disney, ALL>Anheuser Busch products, Directv, & ALL mainstream media.
      Not one more cent or one more minute from our household will be spent on these anti-American freaks ! EVER !!

  • KatyK says:

    Tucker Carlson always speaks the truth. Everybody needs to listen to him!

  • Too honest to lie says:

    Tucker is correct. Fox followed a standard operating procedure for last day processing of former employees.

  • I’ve [SIC] seen seen a publicly traded company do that for anybody in the United States…I think it’s a huge sin that they all commit,” Carlson said. this is a misquote. You left out ‘never’ and doubled seen.

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