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Tucker Name Blacklisted on Fox News

Tucker Carlson’s biographer says a word that was once commonplace at Fox News has now been banned from the airwaves entirely.

The word, according to Chadwick Moore, is “Tucker.”

Carlson was pulled off the air a month ago with Fox News never giving an official reason why it decided to suddenly silence its top-rated host.

Moore — author of the forthcoming book “Tucker” — made his allegations in a series of tweets Sunday.

“Fox News employees have told me privately that all on-air talent have been banned from saying the name ‘Tucker’ on air,” he said.

Moore said Fox News hosts — including Greg Gutfeld — were falling in line.

He also accused the network of banning authors unless they are promoting books linked to its corporate structure.

“This is FACT: Fox News has a new policy (aside from banning me): they won’t plug any book from a guest unless it was published by HarperCollins,” Moore said. “You can’t be a guest on Fox unless you’re a Fox author…it’s all so hilarious and grotesque.”

The Western Journal has reached out to Fox News for comment, but as of Monday morning no reply had been received.

Carlson has indicated he plans to launch a version of his former show on Twitter.

Last week, Patrick Feeney, who is managing work on Carlson’s property in Woodstock, Maine, said Fox News employees came to the barn there that had been converted into a studio during the pandemic and took away everything that it had paid for, according to the Daily Mail.

“They took the set and everything, all the equipment, the chairs, the desk, the fake walls, everything,” he said.

“There’s no hardware in place at all. There’s not even an infrastructure for a TV studio for a long time,” Feeney said.

A source with knowledge of the situation told The Western Journal that Fox News removed the equipment (which it owns) after building a custom studio at its expense, and it did not tear down the studio.

Feeney said to his knowledge there was nothing immediately in the works for the barn. Carlson has a house in Florida in addition to his Maine residence.

“We just came to clean it up and get it looking like something again. There’s no imminent venture. We’re just getting ready in case something does happen,” he said.

  • zofy says:

    Wow. FoxNews is being so CHILDISH. Almost leftist.

  • zofy says:

    FoxNew is being so CHILDISH. Almost leftist.

  • Jericho says:

    I miss Tucker! And I think Hannity does too; without any effective lead in, Sean’s numbers have to be dropping.

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