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Tucker Carlson to Launch Nationwide Live Tour in Lead Up to 2024 Election

On Monday, Tucker Carlson announced that he was launching a nationwide media tour around the country ahead of the 2024 election this fall. He will be going to various locations and holding interviews with various political pundits.

Carlson posted a clip for the announcement on X.

“The one thing we know for certain is the United States is going to be one intense place this fall moving into this presidential election,” he began. He detailed that Tucker Carlson Live will be a nationwide tour with different guests.

Carlson added, “So, we thought what better time to hit the road and see the country and we’re going to this fall. We are pleased, in fact thrilled, to announce Tucker Carlson Live, which is what it sounds like. A nationwide tour, and at every show we’ll be joined by a friend, a special guest, Megan Kelly Glenn Beck, Tulsi Gabbard, Vivek Ramasamy, Russel Brand, and many others.”

“We’re going to be live onstage responding to everything that is happening in real-time. It’s going to be fun as hell and interesting. You can get tickets at They are certain to sell out. We encourage you to get one and we’ll see you there,” Carlson concluded in the ad.

According to the website, Carlson will be on tour in several locations, including Phoenix, Arizona; Anaheim, California; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah, and many others.

The tour is starting on Sept. 4, and tickets can be bought online.

  • Sandidad says:

    Thank you, Tucker Carlson, for your patriotism. A fact is certain, if the corrupt, Godless, baby-killing, lawless, DEI, ESG, Woke, socialistic, communistic, Marxist Democratic Party steals another election, America’s republic is doomed. We’ll be living under an oligarchy controlled by Muslim Obama, the NWO, and high-tech billionaire elites. Never doubt, that Obama is behind the scenes pulling stupid Biden’s puppet strings. We are now witnessing what Obama meant when he said he would “fundamentally transform America” in his campaign speech in 2007. We are now living under Obama’s replacement plan to make European white Americans the minority via his wide-open border policy. Biden warned us in 2015 in his C-Span speech that “European white Americans will be the absolute minority by the year 2020″, that’s not a bad thing, that’s the source of our strength”-Joe Biden. Thank God, Biden and Obama missed their target date by 4 years. Trump’s 2016 presidency threw a monkey wrench in their Great Replacement Plan. The Dems thought for sure Hillary would win their fraudulent election. Vote for President Trump in 2024 to MAGA. If you don’t, Republicans won’t ever win another election. The future of our great republic depends on God and us. Pray without ceasing for God to remove the vermin in Washington, DC on November 5TH, 2024.



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