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Tucker Carlson Shares Details on Jack Ruby’s Sudden Death by Cancer After Being Visited by CIA Psychiatrist Involved in MKUltra

Alex Jones recently interviewed Tucker Carlson on Info Wars, and the founder of the Tucker Carlson Network had some interesting facts to share regarding Jack Ruby’s death.

Jack Ruby, who was born Jacob Rubenstein, was a nightclub owner who killed Lee Harvey Oswald just two days after Oswald was accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy.

Tucker told Jones, “You do sort of wonder of how Jack Ruby died of galloping cancer like a week before his second trial.”

Jones added, “They have weaponized cancer that will kill you in two weeks.”

Tucker continued CIA psychiatrist, “Joylon West visits him, and next thing you know, ‘oh, I have terminal cancer. I’m dead in a week.’”


According to CIA declassified documents, Joylon West did administer special techniques to Ruby shortly after being jailed for the murder of Oswald.

In a report released by the CIA titled “Report of Examination Psychiatric Examination of Jack Ruby,” it was revealed West used “hypnosis and intravenous sodium pentothal” techniques on Ruby.

Before becoming Ruby’s psychiatrist in prison, West was known for taking part in MkUltra, which was a CIA program that used LSD to brainwash and psychologically torture people.

West was also infamous for killing an elephant with LSD in 1962, which makes it even more bizarre that the CIA tagged him to take care of Ruby in jail just a year later in 1963.

Journalist Emma North-Best dove deeper through the CIA documents regarding Ruby:

Ruby had an isolated cell constructed for him to live in as he awaited his fate and contemplated the possibility of being executed. The proposal stated that “There is reason to believe that environmental manipulations can affect the tendencies for dissociative phenomena to occur. Isolation, in particular, can markedly change the individual’s response to suggestion in the form of verbal communication. It is proposed that new experiments utilizing special environmental manipulations, including sensory isolation, be begun …”

West’s proposal specifies that these can produce marked personality changes, which Ruby appeared to have undergone in West’s examination of him. The report asserts that Ruby was psychotic and delusional at the time.

In his report, West said that “hypnosis and intravenous sodium pentothal were included among possible techniques” to be used on Ruby. In his proposal to CIA for continuing his MKULTRA work with them, he proposed that “the combined use of hypnotic techniques and autonomic drugs be exercised.” Sodium pentothal, as a barbiturate, is one such autonomic drug that – frequently used in various MKULTRA experiments and other interrogation or hypnosis related programs. In total, West requested an additional $35,995.00 for the next year’s work, not including the other ten years of research he had proposed. This included $5000.00 for “polygraphic, electroencephalographic, electromyographic, and special stimulatory apparatus.”

The Agency’s response to West’s proposal was apparently ordered destroyed along with all the other MKULTRA records. However, he continued to appear in CIA files as late as 1991. According to one document, West was indirectly involved in the STARGATE program which had a surprising amount of crossover with MKULTRA and its sister programs. While this particular project was undertaken by the Defence Intelligence Agency, the CIA’s counterpart in the Department of Defense, it was considered a CIA equity.

  • George says:

    You said you know all the details of the JFK assassination via an insider who has seen and read all the paperwork evidence. TELL US!

  • lewis c chaplick says:

    When entering the Army at Fort Dix in 1966, a Soldier leaving the Army, told us a bunch of things and one was that Jack Ruby was dead, killed by the CIA!!! I remember it like yesterday!

  • Don says:

    Was Fauci involved?
    It would be great to know the whole story about the whole JFK assassination. So many conspiracies out there. Problem with conspiracy this large is keeping everybody quiet. There had to be very many people involved.
    I was in the Army in Germany when it happened and it broke our hearts. GIs liked and respected JFK and quickly hated LBJ.

  • One says:

    IMHO, LBJ set Kennedy up to be killed. There is credible evidence which has been known for decades now, that LBJ’s long-time mistress, (whom he had a son with), was with him at a dinner party the night before JFK was shot at a judges’ home outside Dallas. After she witnessed him talking to several individuals, he came up to her and stated, (word for word), “After tomorrow, them son-of-a-bitchin’ Kennedy’s won’t have me to kick around anymore”. But there were a number of reasons why Kennedy was not going to make it into his 2nd term, and it was the CIA who was tapped to kill Kennedy. Here are a few reasons why:

    Reason #1: Kennedy wanted the U.S. to get out of Viet Nam. We had been sending ‘advisors’, (read: CIA operatives), since 1954, to test the sustainability of a prolonged ‘conflict’, and Kennedy knew not only was big business and the military industrial complex behind all of it, but so were many Congressionals who stood to make $M’s for their off-shore bank accounts on artillery units, armaments, Napalm, etc.

    Reason #2: Kennedy wanted to get us back on the gold standard. FDR had taken us off for about 40%, (Nixon took us off totally in ’72), but Kennedy knew this wasn’t sustainable, and would (ultimately) force the government into making ‘fiat money’, (which we were forced to do after the 2008 recession, [thanks Obummer], and have been doing now for the past 3.5).

    But the most viable reason which sealed Kennedy’s fate –

    Reason #3: He wanted to ‘End the FED’, (literally). JFK not only knew the structure and mechanisms of the Federal Reserve, he also knew its ultimate, sinister objectives, and how America was literally a slave to it, (which it was, and still is), being headed by global elites who were more concerned w/ global financials than America’s. Through the decades, the FED would put up w/ just so much of ‘goody-two-shoes’ POTUS’s, but when Kennedy took office – they knew they were in trouble…and they couldn’t have that. BAM! Done…

  • Scott says:

    The stench of cover up is strong with Kennedy assasination, makes you wonder how many others they have covered up with a little lead poisoning?



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