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Tucker Carlson Reveals FBI Just Raided Mike Lindell

At this point, Joe Biden’s FBI is just out of control and the Republicans better start making some more noise about it, step up and do something to stop this.

We’re fast turning into a Stalinist state with the way that the Biden regime is behaving.

Tucker Carlson just revealed that the FBI has now raided Mike Lindell, the Pillow Guy. Not over his pillows, mine you. Lindell is a big Trump supporter.


They asked him about Colorado and Dominion voting machines, then provided him a warrant to seize his phone. At first, he said, he didn’t want to turn it over because he runs all of his companies off that phone and he couldn’t operate without it.

They didn’t raid him at his home. They tracked him down. He had been on a hunting trip in Iowa and was driving back. He stopped at a Hardee’s in Mankato, Minnesota. That’s when they appeared out of nowhere. They went to the trouble of hunting him down.

This is getting crazy at this point. What kind of information do they think he has? Or is it just about intimidating supporters at this point?

We saw earlier that the FBI showed up on the doorstep of a woman who was just a regular person, a Trump supporter, because of an “anonymous tip” that she had been at the Capitol on Jan. 6. She had to prove to them she had not been there by showing them her calendars.

But this is where we are at, with the Biden FBI’s Stalinist approach. Trump allies, Trump supporters — it’s out of control.

Now, as we noted earlier, a lot of this activity against Trump allies seems to be centered on the electors and/or questioning the election. We were the first to produce one of the subpoenas dropped on a Trump ally. The broad, overreaching nature of the information that they wanted to be turned over raises all kinds of First and Fourth Amendment questions. It’s part intimidation, part fishing expedition. As we’ve reported, they’re going after dozens of people to grab their communications.

This is getting very dangerous. Republicans better start standing up against all this. Or no one will be there to stand for them when it happens to them.

But it’s also an indication of how scared the Democrats are that they will lose the midterms. They’re pulling out all the stops now to do what they can to win. It sounds like the next two months are going to be mighty crazy. Hold onto your hats.

  • God Bless America says:

    We in Colorado NEED to know what happened in our elections. He is standing up for us and he clearly has PROOF of the dominion fraud and stolen election, or else why would they do this.

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