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Tucker Carlson: ‘In the Name of Diversity, Network Fired This Black Woman’

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed former ESPN correspondent Sage Steele.

Steel was suspended in 2021 and ultimately fired for comments criticizing ESPN for its vaccine mandate and rebuking former President Obama for identifying as Black instead of biracial during an interview on former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler’s podcast.

Carlson interviewed Steele to discuss

Tucker Carlson: Sage Steele worked at ESPN as an anchor as a host for almost 17 years, and she was good at her job. That’s why she stayed so long. But there was one problem, Sage Steele decided to say what she really thinks in a pretty gentle, measured way, but still. For example, in 2021, she went on a podcast and hammered ESPN for its vaccine mandate, called it sick and scary, which it was. On that same podcast. She committed the real sin, and she asked an obvious question why does Barack Obama call himself black when he’s actually biracial? He’s as white as he is black. Well, you can’t say that it turns out. ESPN pulled her off the air for ten days. Why? Interesting question. Steele then made ESPN even madder when she said that the man in the bathing suit, Lia Thomas, was winning all the swimming competitions was not, in fact, a female swimmer. So behind the scenes, ESPN said, you’d better be quiet about the trans issues. In fact, sent a letter saying it’s totally fine to talk about trans issues as long as you don’t misgender someone. In other words, you can disagree as long as you don’t disagree with the people you’re arguing with, you have to accept the terms of the trans activist you’re criticizing, or else you’re a thought criminal. Watch this…

Tucker then shared Steele’s interview with Riley Gaines. When Gaines asked Steele about the support she felt from women since speaking out against biological men in women’s sports, her answer was simple: None.

Tucker: None! Absolutely none! But she does have good people around her because she herself is a good person. She’s gone from ESPN, she settled a lawsuit with them, and now she joins us in the studio. It is such an honor to have you here.

Sage Steele: Thank you. This is my honor. Thank you.

Tucker: What a great response. Tell us about the support you’ve received from women. And none, absolutely none. Is it true?

Steele: Women supporting women…you know how that goes.

Tucker: I do know how it goes.

Steele: I know, and I will say throughout my career, I think that’s the overall most disappointing thing is that and especially in the sports world, where when I started like dinosaur years, no internet, you know, I was always the only woman in the locker rooms. The most support I received from was definitely from my male peers.

Tucker: Because they like women.

Steele: Well, it wasn’t like that. I was married.

Tucker: No, no, I don’t mean in a creepy way. It’s just there is. No, I don’t mean that. Actually, I didn’t mean it sexually. It’s just like men are kind of programmed to have affection for women. I mean, they just are.

Steele: But I also think they they weren’t threatened. I mean, especially early on in my career. But even at ESPN, I was excited because where I was before in DC, I was I was the only mother. So I was excited to be around women who are a little bit older and could maybe, you know, part of the club and take care of each other. As a mother, first and foremost, forget about, you know, the broadcast because that is competitive. So I think, you know, the big picture is women preach this all the time and it’s like, oh, the men holding us down in the glass ceiling. And I every time I speak publicly at an event or whatever, I make sure I bring this up because I’m very passionate about it. As the mother of two girls. And they’re, you know, college age kids too. But, you know, we complain about the guys, but look in the mirror, what do we do to each other first and foremost?

Tucker: Well, I’ve seen it a lot. I’ve had a lot of female bosses a lot. And every single one of them has been nice to me. I’m just being honest, too. I mean, some were good, some were not good, most are not that great, but some were fine. They’re always nice to me. Always nice. They were savage to the women on staff and I always noticed that are mean to the women. What is?

Steele: They pit us against each other. They really do. Which again is just unfortunate. But to me. Okay, fine own that. If you don’t like the other women, but then to be hypocritical and go on social media and talk about, let’s uplift each other and listen, I wasn’t trying to call people out, but over the last eight months, maybe probably a year, I when I started to support Riley Gaines. And certainly the whole transgender sports issue, I said women, we don’t realize our power if we as women in the media, let’s just say women in sports media, because this is a sports issue, came together to say, no, no, no, we’ve been fighting for so long for women in sports and for salaries to be equal at times. You know, you look at the women’s national soccer team versus the men and the ratings they brought in versus the men. There are some things, yeah, like we are fighting for women and then to be silent when it comes here.

Like ESPNW, is part of the ESPN network. That W is for women. They spend millions of dollars on a, a big summit like a get together of women every single year. And on the stage it’s women and promoting women and promoting diverse thought with women and supporting them. So then when the biggest issue really of the last, I don’t know, several decades comes up after all the Title IX fights, we as sports media women, remain silent? To me, the hypocrisy was too thick to ignore.

Tucker: Yeah, and sounds in a kind of like a North Korean way. Like nobody would disagree even a little bit.

Steele: No…and then I found out. Yeah. More from my employer like “zip it” and I, and so I made sure that night when I received that email, which was, while I’m in the middle of a free speech lawsuit against that company, I made sure and sent another email, ‘Are you going to tell me to not support women?”

Tucker: This is like the most Orwellian sentence. I alluded to it in the intro, but here it is, “While civil discourse on the issue of transgender athletes competing in women’s sports is both appropriate and beneficial, that discourse needs to be fact based and should not rely on personal attacks, insults, derogatory or crude language, or misgendering others.”

Haha. So you can disagree.

As long as you accept their premise.

Steele: As long as you follow the narrative. And listen, I knew that, but to me this just was this was simple and it was a no-brainer.

Tucker: They put that in writing. That’s real right?

Steele: And then it continued. And you might offend people at our company who are in the LGBTQ community. By what? By supporting women? Because there’s a difference between attacking the transgender community and supporting women. I have never and would never do. That’s not in my heart, because I have empathy for for transgender people who want to compete. But the answer is not to take from the women that for over 50 years, Billie Jean King, title nine. This is not the answer. And I had no idea that that would be controversial. To stand up for women.

Tucker: Isn’t one of my, a female relative of mine said to me the other day, I thought it was kind of brilliant, like the whole trans thing really is just another triumph of men over women. Does anybody ever say that?


  • diane baker says:

    It’s also allowing the inmates to run the asylum. The best comment I heard lately was, I went to the bank and told them I was a millionaire and wanted to take out my money, the bank laughed and laughed, then threw me out, Seems ,that what you think and reality are 2 different things

  • Slo says:

    Sounds like this will lead to no gender sport leagues. Just a sport. Basketball…no men’s or women’s league, wrestling…no gender league, football…no gender league, weight lifting…no gender league, swimming…no gender league, skating, water polo, etc etc. No differentiation of gender. Creating a gender league for every woke gender would be a nightmare. So the narrative of pushing an inclusive agenda was decided.

    • RS says:

      Slo, the answer is this administration and the Hollywood not jobs. Once they are dealt with. And the Conservatives come back into power things will change it will be a fight but good common sense takes hold and end this WOKENESS nonsense crackpot crap and we all love America again and wave the RED WHITE & BLUE and put sanity back in schools.

  • John sweet says:

    Just what is the true legal issue here? That she was fired on her racial identity? Or was it how she is woman and not one of sexes, currently in Vogue with democratic ideology?

  • Snickers says:

    On point RS, AMEN!!!



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