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Tucker Carlson breaks Silence After Fox News Firing

In the days since Tucker Carlson was fired, there has been much speculation regarding what the iconic host would do with his post-Fox News life. While he has received a number of offers to work for other conservative outlets, Carlson appears to be in no rush to return to television.

Instead, he has taken advantage of the extra time he now has to spend with his wife and four children at their multi-million dollar estate in Florida.

Chatting with a reporter from the Daily Mail, Carlson proved that despite the less than desirable send-off from Fox, he was living his best life.

“Retirement is going great so far,” he said with a smile as he stepped out the door of his $5.5 million Boca Grande beach house.

Carlson, who hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight at 8 pm EST nearly every Monday through Friday since 2017, lamented the fact that it often meant spending less time with his family.

“I haven’t eaten dinner with my wife on a weeknight in seven years,” he said. “Appetizers plus entree!”

Before reporters could get Carlson to dive deeper into his termination, he jumped into a golf cart and drove off into the sunset.

On Monday, news broke that Fox had agreed to “part ways” with its most popular host. The network offered no further explanation, leading many to question what Carlson had done to get on the wrong side of boss Rupert Murdoch, who reportedly made the decision himself.

Fox has not yet named a replacement for Carlson, revealing only that, “Fox News Tonight will air live at 8 PM/ET … as an interim show helmed by rotating Fox News personalities until a new host is named.”

The network has suffered as a result of Carlson’s departure, losing $1 billion in market value and facing a potential exodus of subscribers, many of whom said they only paid in because of Carlson.

  • Rich.... says:

    As Fox has steadily dumped its best talent and began what appears to be a slow, but inexorable, slie to the left, many of us watched it less and less. We watched O’Reilly, Beck, Kelly and others ambushed and dumped by the dubious leadership of the Murdochs. Luckily, for all of the victims of Fox’s leftist inquisition not only survived, but went on to do wildly successful and creative jobs as strong voices for quality news and solid conservative viewpoints.

    It certainly looks more and more like Fox is going to continue to engage in corporate suicide in what appears to be a perverted wish to beat CNN to the bottom of the cable news barrel. We wish them well on their journey into oblivion.

    A huge section of their remaining fan base stayed with Fox primarily because of Carlson, the silver tongued and pugnacious Sean Hannity, and The Five with that “dynamite in a small package” Gutfeld…a conservative dynamo with a sarcastic wit and a tongue sharp enough to clip a hedge. Gutfeld and Hannity have got to be feeling, quite accurately, that one weekend soon they are going to be in the killing zone of another Murdoch family ambush. Most of us don’t believe it is a question of “if” they will become targets…just a matter of “when”.

    The good news is that Carlson had another, more lucrative job lined up even before the exit doors to Fox had even hit him in the ass. The other good news is that we will be able to catch O’Reilly, Beck, Kelly and Carlson pretty much on our schedule without having to dial up Fox. Hannity is also available on the radio…so, again, we can enjoy him with out having to patronize Fox.

    But, hopefully, the remaining conservative talent left at Fox will be actively searching for employment elsewhere. If for no other reason than they don’t want to be folks stacking deck chairs on the Titanic as she slowly begins here descent to the bottom.

  • Truth seaker says:

    Would love to see a mutiny on Fox news…Hanity, Ingraham, Gutfield, Waters, Dana Perino, Jeanie Pirro, and Harris Faulkner, all walk out on “live” air in solidarity with Tucker…

  • Jim says:

    How wonderful for him. He can stay there. Better cinch up your Jock-straps there are plenty of disappointments in your future. As for Trump, don’t use up all of your outrage yet, there’s a half dozen more Court Cases.

  • Nidog54 says:

    It’s now the BudLight News Network.



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