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TSA PreCheck No Longer Requires ID or Boarding Pass at More Airports — Here Are Which Ones and Why

New TSA PreCheck technologies are taking off.

TSA PreCheck members will no longer be required to show their ID or boarding pass at certain airports.

United Airlines has begun offering PreCheck customers a touchless experience during bag drop and security checkpoints at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD), as well as partial service at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

“We recently launched TSA PreCheck® Touchless ID at O’Hare International Airport, which allows travelers* to seamlessly drop off their bags and make it quickly through security – all without having to present an ID,” a United spokesperson told The Points Guy.

However, experts advise that travelers continue to bring proper identification to the airport until these updated services are fully implemented — hopefully by May 2024.

“For bag drop shortcut with Touchless ID – when customers arrive at the airport, they can head to a bag drop shortcut kiosk where their photo is taken and their bag tag will print,” the spokesperson said.

“For TSA PreCheck Touchless ID at security – when they arrive at the airport, they can head to the TSA PreCheck security checkpoint where their photo is taken.”

The airline has also begun offering the security checkpoint feature for PreCheck travelers at LAX.

The bag drop shortcut is expected to be available by March, according to a United spokesperson.

To utilize the service, PreCheck customers must register their Known Traveler Number (KTN) through United when booking or checking into their flight and opt-in to allow the airline to use a facial scan as an ID.

At the airport, PreCheck travelers can follow signs to the PreCheck Touchless ID kiosk — which should be located next to the regular PreCheck lane — to skip the usual line, scan their faces and hand their bags off to an agent.

They can then head to the PreCheck line where the security stand will scan their face and allow them through.

United is the first airline to offer this technology in Chicago and Los Angeles — and there are more locations to come.

“We plan to continue rolling out TSA PreCheck Touchless ID at our hubs this year,” the United spokesperson confirmed.

The technology is similar to other recent security updates, including the PreCheck service in Las Vegas; the Delta Digital ID in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit and New York; the American Airlines Mobile ID in Washington D.C., and Global Entry processes that all allow travelers to quickly walk through security after looking into a camera and getting their face scanned.

“The airport security experience that we’ve all come to know could soon look and feel a lot different — in a very good way — for both passengers and TSOs,” Christina Peach, branch manager for the TSA Innovation Task Force, said in a statement.

  • Jose says:

    Now it’s just a random cavity search?



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