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Trump’s Team Reveals Reason for Mysterious Marks on His Hands

Donald Trump’s team has finally revealed the reason for the marks on his hands after massive speculation surrounding the former president’s health.

The red marks were seen as he arrived at a defamation trial brought by E. Jean Carroll on Wednesday.

Trump’s representatives have finally confirmed that it was from a paper cut, reported TMZ. He then reportedly smeared the blood across his hand giving the impression of blemishes.

There were no further signs of the injury when he attended his mother-in-law’s funeral in Florida on Thursday.

The marks sparked speculation by liberal media on Trump’s health and physical conditions recently with theories ranging from syphilis to medicine.

The photo was captured on the way to his defamation trial brought by E. Jean Carroll after the former president said she lied during a previous civil suit.

She has claimed: “[Trump] called me a liar repeatedly, and it really has decimated my reputation. I am a journalist. The one thing I have to have is the trust of the readers. I am no longer believed.”

Carroll said her worries about her personal safety after a stream of death threats led her to buy bullets for a gun she inherited from her father, install an electronic fence, warn her neighbors of threats and unleash her pit bull to roam freely on the property of the small cabin in the mountains of upstate New York where she lives alone.

Carroll is now seeking $10 million in compensatory damages and millions more in punitive damages.

  • Grant says:

    Dems are salivating over the red marks and ready to call Trump unfit for office yet they continue to prop up a vegetable who is in middle stages of dementia and try to sneak him in for four more years. Gigantic hypocrisy anyone? There people all need to just go away or die, whichever comes first.



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