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Trump’s Recorded Height and Weight at Jail Sets Social Media Ablaze: ‘Wait, What?’

Former President Donald Trump was booked into the Fulton County Jail in Georgia on Thursday night and his booking information set social media ablaze as users chimed in on the details.

Trump was booked shortly before 8 p.m. ET in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday night on the indictment stemming from his alleged actions to contest the 2020 presidential election and he was listed as 6’3’’ 215 pounds with “blonde or strawberry” hair and blue eyes.

The president’s height and weight was pre-reported before he arrived at the jail.

Trump’s measurements spurred a variety of reactions on social media.

“6’3 215,” Trump operative Alex Bruesewitz tweeted. “Absolute elite athlete. Trump 2024.”

“Wait, what?” CNN host Jake Tapper said when Trump’s height and weight were released.

Trump’s weight was listed as 239 pounds in his 2018 physical examination by then-White House Physician Ronnie Jackson, who now serves in the U.S. House of Representatives.

ABC News reported that Trump’s height and weight were “pre-reported” to speed up the booking process.

  • DDearborn says:


    When Pelosi’s completely intoxicated husband was caught driving a young women when he ran the stop sign at over 100mph and destroyed both his Porsche and the pickup he T-boned WAS PELOSI’S MEG SHOT RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC AS REQUIRED BY CALIFORNIA STATE LAW? NOT UNTIL AFTER THE TRIAL AND SWEETHEART DEAL HE GOT FOR WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN JAIL FOR A FELONY DUI….

    President Trump committed no such crimes, despite the seemingly endless yet baseless charged leveled against him. His meg shot was released within hours (minutes?) despite no legal requirement to do so with such haste, if at all…

    President Trump’s indictments are not evidence of “justice” it appears they are proof positive that the President and the Attorney General are at the very least committing high crimes and misdemeanors against the citizenry in the form of election tampering, etc., etc…

    One lesson that stands out is that since demented dopey joey stole the election he has ripped up the Constitution, pissed all over the bill of Rights, turned the FBI into his personal Gestapo, and weaponized the DOJ, Homeland Security, the State Department, in fact the entire Federal Government to wage war to destory the Republican and crush the American people…

  • T says:

    And this is an important concern why….???

    Are they just trying to prove that he gave another false statement?

    This is becoming utterly ridiculous!! The country is falling apart….this what the should be concerned about!!!



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