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Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary

Well, that was quick. Nikki Haley’s last stand is over. The 2024 Republican primaries are over. Donald Trump has won the New Hampshire primary, ending all chances that the former president can be stopped.

Ron DeSantis, struggling in the Granite State, withdrew from the 2024 race last weekend.

While Haley’s showing in the state was solid, it wasn’t enough for her to win. As Madeline wrote tonight, there weren’t enough Democrats in the state to save her. After this primary, there’s no stopping Trump’s bid to re-clinch the 2024 Republican nomination.

CNN refuses to call the race despite the figures on the ground. MSNBC will probably refuse to carry the former president’s victory speech. The New York Times has called it for Trump, too. Expect some epic meltdowns tonight. Trump is expected to win the Granite State by at least double-digits in a landslide.

Taylor Budowich, CEO of Make America Great Again Inc., issued this statement:

Nikki Haley said she’s running to stop the re-election of Harris-Biden. Yet, without a viable path to victory, every day she stays in this race is another day she delivers to the Harris-Biden campaign. It’s time for unity, it’s time to take the fight to the Democrats, and for Nikki Haley: it’s time to drop out.

Feisty Trump surrogate Kari Lake, who is running for Arizona Senate, echoed those sentiments that Haley should go.

“After President Trump’s resounding victory in New Hampshire tonight, people will say this primary is over,” said the former journalist-turned-politician.

“The truth is, tonight’s result proves it never existed at all. President Trump has been our nominee all along. It’s now time for the entire Republican Party to unite behind our nominee to defeat Joe Biden in November,” Lake added.

  • Lincoln Brown says:

    Just further proof that demoncrats are vile, cheating scum and that Haley is one of them.

  • See more says:

    We all need to get behind Trump or our country will be gone. Just look how Biden has brought our country down in just 3 years. I hope Nikki drops out and supports Trump. I guess we will see.



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