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Trump Supporters Launch GoFundMe to Help Pay $355 Million Fine

Fans of former president Donald Trump have turned to online fundraising to help him pay a massive $355 million civil court fraud judgment.

“The recent legal battles he faces are not just an attack on him, but an attack on the very ideals of fairness and due process that every American deserves,” reads a GoFundMe effort launched Friday and seeking to raise the nine-figure sum Trump owes. “It’s a moment that calls into question the balance of justice and the application of law, disproportionately aimed at silencing a voice that has been at the forefront of advocating for American strength, prosperity, and security.”

“This is more than a legal fund; it’s a call to all patriots to rally in defense of a man who has never hesitated to stand in defense of us,” the appeal continued. “This fundraiser, therefore, is not merely about raising the ‘ruling’ amount. It’s about making a stand.”

The GoFundMe — which has already raised more than $66,000 as of Saturday afternoon — was started by Elena Cardone, a Florida woman who described herself as a “mother and an ardent supporter of American values.”

Cardone is married to Grant Cardone, a private equity fund manager.

The largest single donation so far has been $2,500 from an anonymous supporter.

Some donors took to the comment section to leave enthusiastic messages of support for the former president.

“I Believe President Trump deserves the backing of his followers…And I can’t wait until he is our president again….Love hi,” said Christine Muro, who gave $20.

It’s not the first time Trump loyalists have turned to crowdfund on behalf of the billionaire.

A 2019 campaign on GoFundMe to raise money for Trump’s border wall took in $25 million — before its creators were indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

  • Christopher Sullivan says:

    Give send go over Go fund me. Please pay attention to what companies do and who they support, it matters.

  • Tree says:

    I don’t trust Go Fund Me since they kept the $60,000 money for an anti-vax hero and didn’t tell the donateers. They just kept the money.

  • MyGeuss says:

    It all makes sense now. Obama sent plane loads of cash to Iran, which strengthened Opposition against Isarael. Biden Who never done a thing for America, was installed, because the Trump Presidency wasn’t supposed to happen, Hillary’s term was to finish the job, and with her at the helm the onslaught would have been played out. This is why They have been on Trumps back ever since. Biden being installed as he was, all the Criminality of Joe And his family wasn’t supposed to be let out. But the F.B.I. didn’t do a good job of that. So, The Democratic Regime sent money around the world to Foreigners to travel to America and purposely drop the border to let the invasion begin. as they began the war with Russia through Ukraine to bury The Crimes of both the Democratic Party and the Corruption in Ukraine. All of this had to take place with precision timing so no one would be the wiser to what was going on. And Wala New world Order.

  • Guest says:

    Is there any way to let the lady, Elena Cardone, know that she should shut down the GoFundMe and open under GiveSendGo, then notify all of us on Truth Social or X on how to give? I will definitely give. What they are doing to DJT has to be illegal.



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