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‘Trump Strong as Ever’ in Top Poll

You’ve seen the polls, in Secrets and elsewhere, touting the emergence of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and others challenging former President Donald Trump, the only Republican who has announced a bid for the 2024 GOP primary so far.

They come at a time when the former president is under fire in many corners but still standing and punching back.

Now two of the nation’s leading Republican pollsters who have strong ties to Trump are explaining why he remains “as strong as ever” to take the nomination and beat President Joe Biden.

John and Jim McLaughlin, who run McLaughlin & Associates, recently released their poll that shows the former president ahead of DeSantis 48%-23%, just as popular as he was on Election Day last month, and leading Biden 48%-45%.

Here at Secrets, we write a lot about polls and have highlighted many about the DeSantis surge, especially after his blockbuster reelection last month. While it’s still over a year before the first caucus or primary, they all give a suggestion for how the candidates are doing among voters but shouldn’t be taken as the last word.

What’s different about the McLaughlin poll, John McLaughlin told us, is that it is tougher with the sample it uses. It tries to whittle down its sample to those most likely to vote instead of a bigger vat that may include some who’ve never voted.

McLaughlin tries to stay away from anti-Trump bias in many media polls. And finally, it replicates the Democrat-to-Republican percentage of more recent elections.

That sometimes creates differences in the results, he said.

“First you have to look at the quality of the poll and the source. Most published polls are from the liberal, anti-Trump media, and they do backflips to create biased surveys to suppress the Trump voters and donors. Many of the biased media polls are diluted with nonvoters and have samples of adults and do not reflect actual voters as likely voter polls do. They also bias the sample asking anti-Trump questions,” John McLaughlin said.

Polls often undercount Trump’s support, as was shown in both 2016 and 2020, and promote Democrats. “Do they think that the voters have forgotten the ‘Hillary Lock’ of 2016 and the ‘Biden Blue Wave’ of 2020?” the duo asked in a blog post.

“For us it’s deja vu all over again, except we may have learned from 2016 and 2020,” they said.

In the blog, also posted on Newsmax, they gave this explanation of some sample standards:

“So once again we see the media using polls to discourage and suppress supporters and donors of President Trump. Why? Because it’s very clear that the Republican establishment, the Washington, D.C. establishment, and the media establishment do not want to see him elected president again.

“Unlike these media polls that have the diluted samples, or have Republicans as low as 25% of their sample (the 2020 election exit polls had Republicans at 36%), or ask leading anti-Trump questions before they ask the ballot, our poll was overall good news for President Trump.”

John McLaughlin added to Secrets, “The continued attacks on Trump by President Biden and liberals in Congress galvanize Trump’s conservative base. The bottom line — Trump is still the Republican to beat, and actual votes for delegates are over a year away.”

In their latest survey, besides showing Trump remaining the one to beat, they found Trump’s support had popped a point since Election Day last month, while they have the support for DeSantis down nationally by 4 points.

Nobody else comes close. Former Vice President Mike Pence is still stuck in the single digits, at 5%, and he is third in the new survey.

  • Peter Piper says:

    There is NO WAY that Trump is only 5 percentage points ahead of Biden! So this poll is FAKE! What it means is that more people would vote for Biden than would voter for DeSantis. USE YOUR BRAINS, people! This article is giving you false information. Whether or not it’s on purpose, I don’t know, but you can’t trust it, that’s for sure ! Get your news from more reliable sources.

  • Wes says:

    Now Nancy Pelosi is getting investigated. Does that mean she is guilty? No. Rather than pile on the guilty verdict, like they did Trump. Let the evidence, not media, Democrats, Soros money, Big Tech, and others get their noses in it. Butt out. This is really not a surprise to me. NewsMax and Fox has been showing this from the beginning. But, mostly everyone jumped on the bandwagon. If Trump is guilty, wait for the evidence. No help from the media, Big Tech, Hillary, Soros, Twitter, other Democrats, FBI, DOJ, and who knows. With a ticket with all hose, it’s a wonder Biden is the King of Montezuma. Help me. I cannot believe I said that. Unlike those who hate Pelosi or Trump. Let the evidence show. And by Gosh, get those people that had nothing to do, but be there on January 6. There is the collusion.

    • Evangelina says:

      I think you would enjoy Real Raw News as well as Restored Republic also known as The Us Military All is not as is said or seems and that will give you hope.

  • Evangelina says:

    They ought to re do their Poll on Biden. No way is he 43%. More like 1-3%. If even that.

  • howard buckley says:

    go mr donald trump the real winner of the last presidentual election, the demacrats wrote thier made up version of jan 6th uprising, the american tax payers sick and tired of being ripped off as demacrats give our tax money away hand over fist, we have a waste of air in this president we have now,



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