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Trump Staffer ‘Stuffed Copies of Photos’ of Hunter Biden Into Air Conditioning Unit: Report

The departing Trump administration prepared some surprises for the Biden administration, according to excerpts of a new book.

According to the Washington Examiner, the book “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America” by Maggie Haberman said some Trump administration staffers played tricks as their time in the White House wound down.

An excerpt says that an employee of former Director of the Presidential Personnel Office John McEntee stuffed pictures of Hunter Biden into an air conditioning unit in the White House.

As a result, the unit was broken, according to the book.

The book said that Biden’s incoming team faced hurdles from Trump’s team in getting information and connections Biden staffers wanted.

“I told them to fix it,” former chief of staff Mark Meadows told incoming chief of staff Ron Klain, according to the book, but there was no change.

Meadows at one point allegedly rejected Biden aides’ request for access to a computer system to begin budget planning.

Meadows said, Biden staffers “can’t expect us to endorse your spending plans,” the book said.

The book also claimed that in the final days of the embattled administration, Meadows sent a text to Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, according to Politico.

“This is a fight of good versus evil,” Meadows wrote, the book claimed.

The book, which paints Trump as erratic, also claimed that at one point he was ready to fire his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, according to CNN.

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich downplayed much of the book’s contents.

“While coastal elites obsess over boring books chock-full of anonymously-sourced mistruths, America is a nation in decline. President Trump is focused on saving America, and there’s nothing the fake news can do about it,” he said.

Trump lashed out at the book on his platform Truth Social.

“Here we go again! Another Fake book is out, this one, supposedly very boring and stale, by self appointed head case, Failing (unfunded liability!) New York Times writer, Maggie Haberman. In it she tells many made up stories, with zero fact checking or confirmation by anyone who would know, like me,” Trump wrote.

“In one case she lies about me wanting to fire my daughter, Ivanka, and Jared. WRONG, pure fiction. Never even crossed my mind. Just have to fight trouble making creeps like Maggie, and all the rest!” he continued.

A later post mocked Haberman.

“Maggot Hagerman of the Unfunded Liability plagued New York Times is my self appointed Biographer, even though she got the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax & the Mueller Report conclusion completely wrong, & refused to write about the FACT that the Democrats spied on my campaign, Lied to Congress, & Cheated and Lied to the FISA Court. Maggot was also duped on Impeachment Hoax #1 & Impeachment Hoax #2, & said in 2016 that, ‘Trump will NOT run for President.’ She is a bad writer with very bad sources!” Trump wrote.

  • Willie1955 says:

    Just another pure fiction piece of garbage written by a TDS lunatic. No fact checking no in-depth investigating purely made up in her mind.

  • FLA-GAL says:

    Haberman needs to be sued for plagiarism. Her latest spiel about Trump wanting to poison Hillary by putting poison on his hand and then shaking her hand at the debate is word-for-word out of an Alfred Hitchcock novel.
    Anyway, I remember when the Clinton Administration staffers removed the letter “W” from all the computer keyboards when they left the WH back in 2001. I seem to remember something about the WH china growing legs and walking out of the People’s Dining Room, later to be “found” in Chappaqua.
    I wonder what new “bombshell expose'” she will reveal in her hackneyed tome? Did Melania abscond with the drapes from the Lincoln Bedroom? I mean…gosh, she had the audacity to plant roses in the …ROSE garden.

  • southersgolfer says:

    I love how he called hre “Maggot”!

  • W. Hamil says:

    LOL! MAGGOT Haberman! Gotta love the nicknames Trump gives to these liberal losers like Crooked Hillary, Sleepy Joe, etc. But Maggot Haberman is one of his best and a very accurate description of this NY Slimes Fake News parasite!! She’s a maggot!!!



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