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Trump Search Warrant Unsealed — Here Are the Details

As expected, the search and seizure warrant used as justification by the FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s Florida estate, was unsealed Friday afternoon.

The warrant was signed by US Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart on August 5, and agents were given until August 19 to execute the warrant. Agents were given permission to seize items “constituting evidence, contraband, fruits of crime, or other items illegally possessed in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 793, 2071, or 1519.” Title 18 US Code Section 793 is a portion of Chapter 37, relating to espionage.

Attachment A lists the property to be searched:

The premises to be searched, 1100 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480, is further described as a resort, club, and residence located near the intersection of Southern Blvd and S Ocean Blvd. It is described as a mansion with approximately 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms, on a 17-acre estate. The locations to be searched include the “45 Office,” all storage rooms, and all other rooms or areas within the premises used or available to be used by FPOTUS and his staff and in which boxes or documents could be stored, including all structures or buildings on the estate. It does not include areas currently (i.e., at the time of the search) being occupied, rented, or used by third parties (such as Mar-a-Largo Members) and not otherwise used or available to be used by FPOTUS and his staff, such as private guest suites.

Attachment B describes the property to be seized — and despite Merrick Garland’s assertion that there was a narrow list of items sought, it’s quite broad, as evidenced in point C:

All physical documents and records constituting evidence, contraband, fruits of crime, or other items illegally possessed in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 793, 2071 , or 1519, including the following:

a. Any physical documents with classification markings, along with any containers/boxes (including any other contents) in which such documents are located, as well as any other containers/boxes that are collectively stored or found together with the aforementioned documents and containers/boxes;
b. Information, including communications in any form, regarding the retrieval, storage, or transmission of national defense information or classified material;
c. Any government and/or Presidential Records created between January 20, 2017, and January 20, 2021; or
d. Any evidence of the knowing alteration, destruction, or concealment of any government and/or Presidential Records, or of any documents with classification markings.

Property receipts describe what was seized, and are signed by Trump attorney Christina Bobb.

Read the warrant and property receipts in their entirety here:

  • Linda says:

    What about all the historic documents, etc. that are displayed in the former President’s museums. Where did they come from to be displayed? I don’t think those President’s residences were ran-sacked.

  • Marlenemarty says:

    A rather broad and vaguely inclusive list. How about any private correspondence? Does this vague wording include those? The present regime is weaponsing the three letter agencies as their private gestapo and brown shirt thugs.

  • Mary Katherine Johnson says:

    If you read the warrant, it states they cannot search anywhere there is a person renting or where he or his staff is. thereby, the warrant was not legal. So, the documents took does them no good.



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