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Trump Says He’s Made up His Mind About Running in 2024

Former President Donald Trump’s third bid for the White House appears to be a matter of when, not if, according to multiple recent reports.

Politico recently reported that Trump has been discussing the timing of his announcement with “some of his wealthiest and highest-profile supporters” at recent dinners. The Washington Post recently reported that some of Trump’s closest advisers have been pushing him to abide by historic norms of announcing a presidential bid after the midterm election cycle to avoid blame if Republicans underperform, while others have been pushing for an earlier bid to scare off rivals amid signs of weakening support among Republican voters.

Trump is reportedly pushing for an earlier reveal, making him a bigger factor in the midterm elections.

He recently told New York magazine, “Well, in my own mind, I’ve already made that decision, so nothing factors in anymore. In my own mind, I’ve already made that decision.”

Without explicitly stating his intention to run, Trump implied it was a matter of before or after November’s midterm elections.

“I would say my big decision will be whether I go before or after,” he said. “You understand what that means?”

Trump argued, “I just think that there are certain assets to before.”

“Let people know,” he said. “I think a lot of people would not even run if I did that because, if you look at the polls, they don’t even register. Most of these people. And I think that you would actually have a backlash against them if they ran. People want me to run.”

Much recent polling shows Trump still leading a hypothetical Republican primary field, but a poll this week found roughly half of Republicans would not vote for him, opening a significant path for a rival.

The New York Times/Siena College poll found Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as Trump’s closest GOP rival.

A recent poll of New Hampshire voters, a state with the first-in-the-nation primary, found DeSantis is statistically tied with Trump in a hypothetical Republican primary matchup and would fare better against President Joe Biden in the state’s general election contest if he did secure the nomination.

Trump has sought to downplay any rivalry between the two men but has argued DeSantis is essentially in the former president’s debt for endorsing him during his gubernatorial campaign.

  • opie says:

    I like DeSantis a lot, but if he runs against Trump in the primaries, I will never support any other Republican. DeSantis would divide the party in half. If he is a divider, I cannot support him.

    • Susan says:

      yes Agreed! Florida need De Santis, and America needs Trump! And after Trump is done, then may be De Santis can be the next POTUS! I also like Cristy Noam from S. Dakota; she would make an excellent running mate for Trump and an amazing first female POTUS!

  • Candace Warren says:

    I happily voted for Trump twice. I really think that he can be even more powerful, and useful, in the background as an important promoter of those who espouse the policies that earned him the love of Conservatives everywhere. He is getting too old, and is extremely divisive. America needs no deeper divisions than have already been created between us. I plan on voting for Ron DeSantis. It is not about who owes who any debts. It IS all about what is BEST for the Nation. We are bleeding, and we need bandaging, not a deepening of our wounds.
    I remember Tip O’Neill saying that he had far more power than the President. Why would he want to run for that position? Give that some thought, Mr. Trump.

    • flipper says:

      as much as i would love to agree with you every one needs to take notice of what Trump was able to do in the 4 years he was in office and the whole time he was doing it with his hands some what tied behind his back because of all the lies and made up BS he had to contend with on a daily basses , if he were to run and win he would be a much more seasoned politician and not make as many bad choices about who he appointed to do what because those people were really working against him to make him look bad and now he realizes this so he would be more seasoned and wiser , so think with all the right people in place and all the negative BS behind what he would be able to get done ,so for me i would bet on a sure and proven leader in Trump

  • Thomas L. says:

    Trump should not run. He will not win and we will be stuck with another Democrat. This country can not survive 8 years of this WOKE BS. Don’t get me wrong, I think Trump was a great president but he is too old. He had his time. There are too many people out there who have been indoctrinated to hate him. DeSantis would carry on with MAGA and Trump should support him. The message of MAGA and America First is much more important to this country’s survival than Trump’s ego and need for revenge.



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