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Trump Rocks UFC Fight: Crowd Goes Wild, Chants ’F*** Joe Biden’

Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee for president in 2024, appeared at the UFC fight on Saturday night at the Kaseya Center in Miami, Florida, where a sold-out crowd went wild as he entered the stadium.

As Trump walked in alongside UFC’s chief Dana White, the UFC event organizers gave him walk-in music and the crowd went wild:

Some reporters even noted that the crowd shouted “USA!” and “Fuck Joe Biden!” when Trump appeared:

Trump has regularly appeared at UFC events in recent years and is an avid fan of the sport.

Earlier in the day, Trump rallied with supporters in Georgia–competing with Democrat President Joe Biden, who was also campaigning in the state. Trump’s event drew thousands, while Biden’s crowd was minimal.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Biden’s Atlanta event only drew “dozens.” Meanwhile, in Rome, Georgia, Trump–according to the Northwest Georgia News–drew thousands.

Trump just wrapped up the GOP nomination for president and became the presumptive nominee for the third straight presidential election earlier this week with blowout victories on Super Tuesday. Biden, meanwhile, spent Thursday evening yelling at Congress in what observers agree was the most partisan and divisive State of the Union address in modern memory.

  • southersgolfer says:

    Biden and the Democrats did this all to themselves. This is the plan. So now Biden is hot on fixing the border after Mayorkas said there is no problem? Biden and the Dems need to go, period. They are no good for America.

  • FJB says:

    He’s the Peoples President!!!

  • Frustrated says:

    You will never witness a crowd going crazy when stumbling bumbling lying Biden enters the room. Go Trump!

    • Irishgal says:

      Pervident Xiden would never enter an event like this- the crowd would loudly scream FJB and he’d be boo’d out! lol!

  • American Patriot says:

    America loves Donald J Trump, and we know for a fact, that he keeps his promises. Wake up you liberals, the Trump Train is Rolling and nothing can stop it.



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