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Trump Reveals His Stance on a Potential Plea Deal

Former President Trump made it very clear he has no intention of accepting a plea deal after being indicted three times this year by President Joe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice.

“Is there any chance that you take a plea deal?” a reporter asked Trump at the Iowa State Fair.

I’m response, Trump remained innocent and said he did nothing wrong so that a plea deal would be out of the question.

“I don’t take plea deals. We did nothing wrong. We don’t ever take a plea deal. We don’t take plea deals. It’s a wise guy question. You’re just a wise guy,” Trump said. “We don’t take plea deals because I did nothing wrong. It’s called election interference.”

The former president is currently facing spending the rest of his life in prison while Biden and his shady son get to skip off into the sunset despite committing several crimes such as conducting illegal overseas business dealings, major tax fraud, and the president’s stash of classified documents hiding in his garage.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to the more than 40 charges against him in the case of the document alone.

The 45th president has also pleaded not guilty to indictments, including his alleged involvement in the January 6 Capital Hill protests and his connection with his objections to the 2020 election.

Despite the significant legal battles Trump faces, he is still dominating the GOP playing field.

According to a Cygnal poll, Trump leads the Republican nomination 2024 race by nearly 53 percent.

His closest rival, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla), had only ten percent support.

Trending Politics pointed out similarities between Trump’s case and the political systems in historically authoritarian countries.

“Russia recently jailed its main opposition leader for 19 years while the populist prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, was sentenced to three years behind bars,” the outlet noted.

  • Larry K. McClain says:

    go ahead put President Trump in jail, lets see how well that all goes from all true Americans.

    • Gio says:

      We need to put Trump back in a white house and need to see some heads rolling. Corrupt deep state needs to be erased once and for good

    • Mary says:

      Biden is the most crooked President ever, he should go to jail and not Trump, but he is so unbelievable terrified for when Trump comes back, he knows he will go to Jail

  • Sherry says:

    Why should he take a plea deal. I think he would rather go to prison than do that. I think theirs gonna be lots of trouble if they do put him in prison. His poll numbers are really high

    • Auntie Vyris® says:

      They WANT trouble so they can have a fake excuse to crack down on “white supremacist ultra MAGA racists.” These are very wicked demons we’re dealing with. But our fight is spiritual, not carnal.

  • John says:

    He did nothing wrong the criminal communist Democrat Party has done war crimes against America and the American people and have gone on prosecuted and they laugh in the face of Americans what he does need to do is give a call to war as the real duly elected president of 2020

  • ForestTrump says:

    I have a hard time believing and news writer that does not spell check or proof read their work. Besides, Trump kdoesnt need to prove anything. He it the true president.

    • Gramm says:

      You complain about spellcheck and then don’t spellcheck your own posting? Hummm.

      Yes, those in the White House are terrified and will do anything to keep Trump out of the WH again. The day he came down the escalator and announced his run for president, he became a target. My worry is that some delusional democrat will take a shot at him to silence ALL of his followers. (Another thought is that they illegally placed Biden in office once and they will be very nasty this time since they got by with it before. Be prepared!! They will get even nastier this go ’round!!)



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