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Trump Responds to Findings in Special Counsel John Durham’s Report

Former President Donald Trump responded to special counsel John Durham’s report on Monday about the origins of the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation by saying that Americans were “scammed.”

Durham’s 320-page report found that the FBI had no evidence to support launching the investigation and found “sobering” differences in how the FBI approached the Trump probe compared to other politically sensitive investigations.

“WOW! After extensive research, Special Counsel John Durham concludes the FBI never should have launched the Trump-Russia Probe!” Trump wrote on social media. “In other words, the American Public was scammed, just as it is being scammed right now by those who don’t want to see GREATNESS for AMERICA!”

Trump later said in an interview that the Democrats had started a “long-running and treasonous charade” and that “there must be a heavy price to pay for putting our country through this.”

The report said the FBI immediately opened a full investigation based on a brief note from Australian diplomat Alexander Downer recounting that he had met with George Papadopoulos, a volunteer with the Trump campaign, in which he mentioned that Russia might have damaging information on Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“At the time of the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI did not possess any intelligence showing that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was in contact with Russian intelligence officers at any point during the campaign,” the Durham report said.

The probe later relied on the “Steele dossier,” which came from a circular loop of people with little insight into Russia — except that some of them had been on the FBI’s radar for possible misconduct or ties to Russian intelligence in their own right, it said. The FBI knew it was nothing but “rumor and speculation,” it said.

“Upon receipt of unevaluated intelligence information from Australia, the FBI swiftly opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation,” the report said. “In particular, at the direction of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok opened Crossfire Hurricane immediately. Strzok, at a minimum, had pronounced hostile feelings toward Trump.”

  • Fima Giovanni says:

    What a f@&%#g mess they created!!!

  • K. says:

    Every AMERICAN should be outraged that the DEMOCRAPS and our GOVERNMENT AGENCIES that we the TAXPAYERS pay for intentionally went after and tried to destroy a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE and then a sitting PRESIDENT and now a FORMER PRESIDENT!!! They also went after a 33yr VETERAN named GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN and destroyed him!!! CARTER PAIGE and GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS were also targeted and had their lives ruined because they worked on President Trump’s campaign!!!! The one name that never seems to appear is OBAMA!!! This all started under his administration and he darn well knew about it!!! He and his cronies started the COUNTER INTELLIGENCE OPERATION known as “CROSSFIRE HURRICANE” for the sole purpose of taking down TRUMP!!! The DEMOCRAPS have the AUDACITY to scream about DEMOCRACY when they’re the ones who don’t believe in it!!! They are the most ANTI AMERICAN PARTY that this country has ever seen!!!! The one thing that I’m happy about is that PRESIDENT TRUMP is still standing and running for office again!!! Whoever the SWAMP CREATURES don’t want that’s who I’m voting for!!!
    TRUMP 2024!!!!

  • Doreen Curtis says:

    What is going to happen to all those poor, innocent people whose lives and career opportunities were completely destroyed, just because the democrats wanted to get rid of Trump. Are any of them still in jail, and if so, are they going to be released immediately?

  • Tressa says:

    Don’t forget trailer trash hillary! Her campaign paid for the shitshow! She needs to be 6 ft under along with Obama the racist half breed!



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