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Trump Responds to Biden’s Fall on Stage: ‘Well, I Hope He Wasn’t Hurt’

While addressing supporters at a campaign event in Iowa on Thursday, former President Trump reacted to President Biden’s nasty fall.

President tripped and crumpled to the ground while giving the commencement address to Air Force Academy graduates in Colorado on Thursday. The commander-in-chief then struggled to get up on his own and needed to be assisted by Secret Service personnel.

While speaking to supporters in Iowa, Trump was informed of Biden’s tumble by a member of the audience. “He fell down? Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt,” Trump said upon hearing the news. “The whole thing is crazy, you gotta be careful about that, you gotta be careful about that, because you don’t want that.”

“Even if you have to tip-toe down a ramp,” he added, drawing laughs from the crowd.

Trump’s comments appeared to be aimed at past claims from Biden, who said he “runs up” ramps while Trump is only able to meekly, and slowly ascend. “Look at how he steps and look how I step,” Biden told reporters at West Point in 2020. “Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps, okay? Come on.”

Thursday’s fall was perhaps the most significant tumble of the president’s tenure, though it was far from the first. In 2021, Biden infamously fell up the stairs while boarding Air Force One. After stumbling over multiple steps, the president regained his composure and continued to ascend the stairs without issue.

Trump and other presidential hopefuls have pointed to Biden’s frequent rambling statements and seemingly confused displays as evidence of mental decline. The Air Force One fall has frequently appeared in ads, while Thursday’s incident will likely receive the same exposure.

This past March, the president nearly fell down the ramp to the presidential plane after stumbling near the top. Such a fall could have left him severely injured.

Prior to his speech on Thursday, Biden appeared lost when attempting to find the stage and needed to be directed by aides. He went on to claim that he was once recommended to attend the Naval Academy by a sitting U.S. senator.

  • sam says:

    Biden is a dumbazz!!! what a shameful president!!!

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