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Trump Responds After Judge Orders Him to Pay Over $350m in Fraud Case

On Friday afternoon former President Donald Trump escalated his confrontation with the New York legal system, refusing to back down after being ordered to pay over $350 million.

Trump’s response from his home in Mar-a-Lago was swift and unyielding, as he took to the media to denounce Judge Engoron as “corrupt” and to castigate the state of New York for its impending financial collapse.

“I also knew we have a corrupt judge. He’s not a respected man,” Trump stated. “Again, I said before, he’s been overturned on this case by the appellate division four times already. It’s a record. Nobody’s ever been overturned on one case four times.”

The former President did not stop at criticizing the judiciary. He extended his commentary to the broader state of New York. “It’s a state that’s going bust because everybody’s leaving and it’s all headed up by Biden who’s destroying our country.”


“Thank you very much. We will stop it. We will make America great again. You have my word,” he assured his supporters.

Earlier on Friday, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Trump must pay over $350 million and is barred from conducting any business in New York State for three years. The landmark ruling not only threatens to drain Trump’s available cash reserves but also marks a critical juncture in his business career, potentially altering his future endeavors in the state’s commercial landscape.

The court found that Trump and his associated entities engaged in fraudulent activities by submitting false financial data to banks and insurers to secure loans and insurance at more favorable rates.

Despite the defense’s denial of these allegations, the court documents state they found substantial evidence of fraudulent misrepresentation and imposed several remedies, including the continuation of an Independent Monitor’s appointment, the installation of an Independent Director of Compliance, and restrictions on the defendants’ ability to conduct business in New York for a few years.

Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, whose office initiated the lawsuit, said on Friday that the judgment amount exceeds $450 million with the inclusion of pre-judgment interest, a figure “which will continue to increase every single day” until the payment is settled.

“Donald Trump is finally facing accountability for his lying, cheating, and staggering fraud. Because no matter how big, rich, or powerful you think you are, no one is above the law.” James described the court’s decision as “a tremendous victory for this state, this nation, and for everyone who believes that we all must play by the same rules — even former presidents.”

Steven Cheung, spokesperson for the Trump campaign, responded that Trump has “built the greatest properties in the world and a tremendously successful, unparalleled business.” He described the legal actions against Trump as “witch hunts.” Cheung also remarked, “The unjust verdicts will be appealed, and all the hoaxes will be defeated, as President Trump did nothing wrong and the truth will prevail.”

In January a Manhattan jury ordered Trump to pay a staggering $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll in a defamation lawsuit. The decision followed Carroll’s accusation in 2019 that Trump had raped her in a department store dressing room many years prior.

  • Fran says:

    She is one big pos!

  • C R H says:

    Now there’s the hope that the Appeals courts will correct these injustices and right these political attacks.

  • John sweet says:

    And Biden skates on classified documents because he is mentally incapable and still remains in power? The dual system’s predictable enforcement of the laws is going to lead to the destruction of our Republic and the advancement of the Democratic socialist agendas for the end of America as we know it!

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    This is the strategy. The indictments will continue. The court hearings/postponements/delays will continue. The fines will continue. They are going to attempt to drain him (financially), tie him up, (timewise), ordering him into court every week if needed, while the indictments pile up. They’re doing it so he won’t have neither the money nor the time to campaign properly.



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