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Trump Moves to Overturn NYC Trial Conviction, Cites SCOTUS Immunity Decision

Donald J. Trump began an effort on Monday to throw out his recent criminal conviction in Manhattan and postpone his upcoming sentencing, citing the new Supreme Court ruling that granted him broad immunity from prosecution for official actions he took as president, according to a New York Times report that cited a source “with knowledge of the matter.”

Trump’s legal team argued in a letter to Judge Juan Merchan that the verdict on the hush money case should be invalidated because they believe the jury was exposed to evidence during the trial that should have been shielded by presidential immunity.

The letter will remain undisclosed until at least Tuesday, following which prosecutors will be able to provide their response.

Trump’s legal team has requested a delay in the sentencing set for July 11, pending Judge Juan M. Merchan’s assessment of how the Supreme Court’s ruling might impact the conviction.

Trump’s legal team also requested Judge Juan M. Merchan delay the sentencing scheduled for July 11, pending the judge’s consideration of the implications of the Supreme Court ruling on the conviction.

Per The New York Times, “A spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office declined to comment.”

Trump could potentially face four years in prison for his convictions on charges of falsifying business records.

NYT’s report states:

“Unlike in federal court, sentencing papers in New York State courts are generally confidential unless the judge authorizes their release. That means the world may not learn of Mr. Bragg’s recommendation until Justice Merchan sentences Mr. Trump, as he is expected to do just days before Mr. Trump is to be formally nominated for president at the Republican National Convention.

“The judge faces an unprecedented conundrum with equally unprecedented legal and political ramifications. His decision is sure to alienate broad swaths of the country no matter what it is.”

  • Slim says:

    This decision will probably determine Merchan and Goober Bragg’s fate. If Merchan is determined to hurt Trump after this supreme court decision with phony convictions I feel sure that he will be removed by the judicial system and disbarred if there is any legitimacy left in our system..

    • Zmb Grrl says:

      Hard-pressed to think there’s legitimacy left in the NY court system. Guaranteed they want to see him in prison. The Supreme Court’s ruling does not apply to this state case, but it’s interesting that his lawyers are approaching it using information that the jury should not have been exposed to. Still, I’m guessing the judge will not want to rule in any way favorable to Trump. Well see.

  • firtree says:

    President Trump shouldn’t need “immunity” for an obvious political hit-job that should have never gone to trial… yet here we are…

  • Phoenix says:

    Sorry, the immunity isn’t for actions like this. But, even the SEC stated it is not a crime and not a campaign finance violation. So, there should be NO need



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