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Trump Meets with Laken Riley’s Parents Ahead of Georgia Rally

Ahead of his Rome, Georgia rally on Saturday, President Donald Trump met with the parents of deceased nursing student, Laken Riley. An illegal immigrant has been charged in connection to her murder.

According to AJC Politics, before the former president met with the grieving parents in private.

During the campaign rally that followed, Trump called out Biden for the soft border policies that have allowed illegal immigrants such as Jose Ibarra, the suspect in Riley’s murder, to come into the country.

“Laken Riley would be alive today if Joe Biden had not willfully and maliciously eviscerated the borders of the United States and set loose thousands and thousands of dangerous criminals into our country,” Trump stated.

The former president’s campaign, as well, made a statement about Biden apologizing for calling Ibarra “illegal” in his State of the Union address.

The campaign said that Biden should apologize to Riley’s family instead of “apologizing for the word he used” to talk about Ibarra.

Earlier on Saturday, President Biden said in an MSNBC interview that he regretted using “illegal” and should have gone with “undocumented” instead to describe the suspected killer.

“I’m not going to treat any of these people with disrespect,” he said, referring to illegal immigrants in the country.

On Friday when Biden was asked about using the term, he was hesitant to say he regretted using “illegal,” and replied, “Technically he’s not supposed to be here.”

Jose Ibarra was an active member of the Venezuelan Tren de Aragua gang and was allowed into the country by ICE after being arrested and released because detention centers did not have enough room in September 2022.

  • Nancy says:

    WTF He doesn’t want to disrespect the illegals but disrespects the American People every single day. MAGA all the way until all the trash is out.

  • Rick says:

    How long till the msm goes after this family for meeting with Trump?



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