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Trump Leads Biden by 14 Points After FBI Raid

We’ve mentioned this before, but the FBI’s August 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago over the imaginary crimes of mishandling or taking classified documents was probably the biggest in-kind contribution any entity has given a presidential candidate in history.

The media, which Matt Taibbi accurately calls the “kingmakers of suck,” seemed poised to make Donald Trump president again until the Justice Department said, “hold my beer.”

Now Trump leads Biden by 14, according to a new left-wing poll.

Now, he has a whole new and winning campaign script written for him by the federal government. Trump is the Left’s enemy of the state. They unleashed hordes of federal agents to ransack his home over law violations that do not apply to him concerning classified documents. We’ve known for years that the Justice Department was going rogue, doing the dirty work of the Democratic Party. And the FBI, without fail, executes operations that corroborate the narratives of its detractors.

Trump is the liberal’s public enemy No. 1, a man hated and feared so much by the Left that they’re willing to unleash the full might of the FBI to find anything that could disqualify him from running again. This blowback is already registered in surveys as Trump has catapulted to the top in some critical primary states. In New Hampshire, Mr. Trump is the king of the mountain. DeSantis doesn’t come close (via WMUR):

A new poll shows strong support among New Hampshire Republicans for former President Donald Trump to run again in 2024, but there are some other names in the mix.

The latest St. Anselm College Survey Center poll puts Trump at 50% support. The only other possible candidate the Granite State conservative base backs in significant numbers is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who netted 29% in the poll.

“We see that Donald Trump still has a commanding lead amongst people who say they’re going to vote in the 2024 primary,” said Neil Levesque, of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

Far behind but still putting up numbers are U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney at 4%, former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley at 3% and former Vice President Mike Pence at 3%.

Trailing them are U.S. Ted Cruz, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, all at 1%. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is polling at less than 1%. Just 9% said they are undecided.

  • Susan says:

    Fox poll is rigged showing that the Republicans are not likely to take the senate which was echoed by the RINO loser Mitch McConnel!
    Just imagine Schumer coming out 80 days before the elections and declaring that the DEM candidates are “too weak” and therefore the DEMS do not stand a chance!!

    These RINOs are far more dangerous and egregious than the DEMS, which is saying a lot!


  • Rusty Shackleford says:

    You can’t trust the left or the right Isreal is controlling both sides with there vast wealth they are behind everything they control the Media Hollywood the pharmaceutical companies yes they are behind the killer COVID vaccine they use antisemitism to protect them do research most of Congress have daul citizenship with Isreal do the research I’m not a racist these are facts but you have to look hard because they control big tech too wake up! Trump is the most Isreal ass kissing president we ever had sending Isreal shit loads of our tax money is not America first and I voted for him twice I’m not voting again until foreign policy changes with Isreal God bless everyone that loves our country and Jesus is the way and the only way✝️✝️

    • Zee Zee says:

      If you’re not a racist, you sure do a good impression of one! But put some proof to your claims: Name ONE congressperson with dual citizenship. Prove that Israel is involved in the manufacture of the mRNA jabs. Explain why Hollywood and the Media are CLEARLY anti Israel. And, lastly for now, which of the social media applications is owned by Israel, rather than the Leftist Israel haters that everyone knows to own them. After that, you can bolster your claim that you’re not a racist.



  • Randie says:

    The Radicals behind the scenes of the DOJ, are making decisions. Mathew Graves, US Attorney, Lisa Monaco, Vanita Gupta, Kristen Clarke, Kenneth Polite will stop at nothing to destroy this Country.



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