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Trump Jr. Says Tucker Carlson ‘Certainly’ a VP Contender

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Newsmax Thursday — where he speculated about former Fox News golden boy Tucker Carlson being picked as his dad’s vice presidential candidate.

“Don, is your dad serious about Tucker Carlson? Are those rumors serious?” asked Newsmax anchor Rob Finnerty.

“That clearly would be on the table, right? I mean they’re very friendly, I think they agree on virtually all of these things. They certainly agree on stopping the never-ending wars. And so, I would love to see that happen. That would certainly be a contender,” Don Jr. said.

Other names floated included Ron DeSantis (R-FL), Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH), and Ben Carson.

“You need someone who’s in alignment, as well as, like, aggressive. You actually need a fighter,” Junior said. “The Republicans in Washington, D.C., are weak. You can have the House, the Senate, and they’ll still roll over.”

One person Junior would not like to see on his father’s ticket?

“I would do whatever I could to make sure it wasn’t Nikki Haley!” he said. “That’s my opinion, I don’t make these decisions.”

“But your father listens to you, maybe more than anybody else,” Finnerty said.

“I’ve been pretty involved in the political game for quite some time and I think, you know, more importantly I live with the base. I hang out with the base, those are my people, those are my friends,” Don Jr. said.

Former President Donald Trump swept this week’s Iowa caucuses and, despite his current trial in New York City for defamation against the writer E. Jean Carroll, hopes to duplicate his landslide victory in New Hampshire.


  • Grant says:

    It’s not about picking the best candidate for VP but the one who ‘s going to bring you a wining ticket to the white house. Tulsi Gabbard is not a Trump clone like Tucker or Lake so that in my mind would pick up a different voting base as she’s an independent yet an America first absolutist. She would be the best compliment to Trump and give the ticket some added breadth to cross over into the much needed independent and disgruntled democrat sphere of the population. If Trump wants to win, that’s a strategy worth contemplating at the very least, which I’m sure he has.

  • Ron Divine says:

    If Trump is considering selected a sitting member of Congress, make sure control is not jeopardized with this selection. Do everything possible to replace the selection with a strong or stronger congressional member. Congress needs strong leadership NOW to aid in draining the swamp! Too many congressmen are retiring this term! Perhaps they are aware that RINO’s are being sought out and will be named as such and they want to reap their rewards while the reaping is still legal. Personally, I would like to see a complete overhaul of the govt agencies and remove all the career bureaucrats down to the bone and start anew! These career employees have become lazy and set in their ways, which do nothing for the taxpayer, only for them and their Deep State allies. I would like to see Congress write their own laws and remove all Lobbyists support from govt. I would also, like to see congress no longer be in DC all year, but only from October to May. If congress isn’t in session all year, it will force them to get their business conducted and over before summer recess. The US govt functioned this way up to about the early 70’s and it worked well. Now look at the mess we are in over the past 50 yrs.



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