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Trump Issues Cryptic Warning on Russia Coup: ‘Be Careful What You Wish for’

Former President Trump issued a cryptic warning Saturday on his Truth Social account after chaos erupted in Russia, with the private Wagner Group marching toward Moscow and raising the prospect of overthrowing Vladimir Putin — only to have the mercenaries abruptly change course.

“A big mess in Russia, but be careful what you wish for. Next in may be far worse!” Trump said.

After seizing the strategic city of Rostov-on-Don in southern Russia Friday, Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin stopped outside Moscow and agreed to withdraw in order to “avoid bloodshed” as part of a deal negotiated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

“We [are] turning our columns around and going back in the other direction toward our field camps, in accordance with the plan,” Prigozhin said in a recording obtained by CNN.

Vladimir Putin is believed to have fled the capital and is currently in an undisclosed location.

  • Grace Bruno says:

    This whole war with Ukraine is about replacing Putin. Putin is too religious and believes in sovereign countries. He puts Russia first and the U.S. and Britain are going to stand for that. People in the Donbas, eastern edge of Ukraine, have been hoping Putin would come in. They have been slaughtered and tortured and mistreated by the Ukraine Nazis for the last 8 years. Of course the media doesn’t cover any of that. Putin and Trump have been obstacles of the Great ReSet.

    • Bidens going down hard says:

      This is Truth. And China will still pull the snake on Putin. And he is also setting up to pull it on America with bidens full approval. It’s his way of covering up so many crimes that even history will remember such a sad and criminal act of the many against the MAJORITY. THIS also is Truth. To understand Truth and evil You have to had experienced it. Beware of XI JIN PING. HE is a popular destructionist. Biden has really compromised Russia and US. PING wanted to compromise Russia for a clear path to Taiwan. Then eat him for breakfast. All in the while he takes America down to to its bitter end, while spending its energy reserves, and leaving our weapons in Afganistan. And supporting UKRAINE WITH OUR FINANCES AND ARMORY. DOESNT TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST TO FIGURE THIS OUT. JuST THE WIT OF A SNAKE WHO CAN EXPOSE THE POISNOUS VENOM OF SNAKES. THAT IS PRETTY MUCH THE SUM OF IT. LETS SEE HOW IT GOES NOW. GET BIDEN OUT NOW AND RESTRICT HIS ASS BEHIND BARS, OR AMERICANS WILL FACE THE VENOM, AS WELL AS RUSSIA. MSM ENJOYS THEIR RATINGS, BUT BE PREPARED TO WATCH THEM FALL LIKE DOMINOS. THE FBI ARE GOING TO BE REMOVED FROM THE DC. LOCATION. AND THEY WILL HAVE A NEW RESIDENCE COME 2025. ITS OVER FOR THEM AND ALL INVOLVED TO COLLUDE TO OVERTHROW A SITTING PRESIDENT. MCARTHY HAD BETTER SHAPE UP! OR EXPECT HIS PAPERS TOO. BUT ITS PRETTY MUCH TOO LATE, SINCE WE KNOW WHY HE RUSHED TO GET THE PORK BILL PASSED AND HURRIED BEHIND PELOSI TO TAIWAN, TO SEAL THE DEAL. YES THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG. THE BIDEN REGIME IS GOING DOWN. THEY HAVE BEEN OUT WITTED. IT IS NOT TIME YET FOR 1 WORLD ORDER! GOD ALMIGHTY SAYS SO. HE PICKS HIS DAY OF DELIVERENCE. HE IS THE MAKER. HE GIVETH LIFE AND HE TAKETH IT AS WELL.

    • Zmb Grrl says:

      On the contrary. I’m thinking this whole war was Zelinsky’s way to get billions for his country by blackmailing Biden. Blackrock and JP Morgan have already set up a “reconstruction bank,” for Ukraine’s shining future with newly rebuilt cities and membership in NATO. Putin being pushed out might be a convenient added benefit for the Biden administration, but don’t think that massive press tour Zelinsky went on (and at times with his wife!) wasn’t theater!

      • chasbo says:

        Yeah, it was the classic “whatever you do, please don’t throw me into the briar patch” (Brer Rabbit to Brer Fox—Song of the Song –now politically incorrect)
        in this Case Zelensky said to Putin, “please don’t attack the Ukraine, we are so weak and couldn’t possibly resist your mighty military” And Putin fell for it.

    • chasbo says:

      Donald Trump’s unsolicited praise, and uncritical love and acceptance?
      Opposition to the American government’s domestic and/or foreign policies?
      Opposition to American political establishment?
      Opposition to Western Mainstream Media?
      Annexing Crimea?
      Brutal invasion/suppression of Chechnya and Georgia?
      Invading Ukraine, conducting a terrorist campaign attacking hospitals and civilians, especially children, and leveling its cities?
      Torturing and murdering Ukrainian civilians?
      Kidnapping Ukrainian citizens?
      The point of view of Russian News outlets Russia Today (RT) Inside Russia, Sputnik, Telesur and more?
      He’s ex-KGB…(love policemen, especially secret ones?)
      He runs Russia as a kleptocracy for the benefit of himself and his friends?
      Murdering Political Opponents?
      Murdering Journalists?
      Opposition and persecution of the LGBT community?
      Cheating in the Olympic AND PARA-OLYMPIC Winter Games in Sochi 2014?
      Simply arresting opponents and journalists?
      Shooting down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17?
      Beefcake photos of Putin riding horses and other manly activities?
      You don’t like former World Chess Champion and Pootin opponent Garry Kasparov?

  • Mark Tercsak says:

    Let me be blunt, we have a society of Borg who literally can not think for themselves, can not question and lack Commonsense, and it’s all about, me. Now these same people donot want to work and then they complaint there are no jobs, there are jobs everywhere, you are just lazy Couch potatoes get off your butts and go to work, but oh no they want what they think is free money, play games, drink and get high.
    So these same people listened to these Demo-Nazis promises donot worry about your tuition you won’t have to pay it back. That was a lie, intact thethem Demo-Nazi-Party support the universities and the professors and what they get paid. So you go out and vote for this fool Joe Biden, had Trump remained President , Afghanistan would still be in our realm, and at peace, Putin would never have invaded the Ukraine, and the fat man of North Korea would not be launching his rockets again.
    Try putting America first instead of your own selfish intrests.

  • I Don't Recall says:

    Why does the phrase “wag the dog” keep popping up in my mind? While there are many real atrocities occurring, I have a hard time believing the media, from ANY country at this point.
    The incursion of Ukraine is little more than a bloody money laundering scheme, designed to bankrupt the US and usher in “The Great Reset” with the WEF and Chin as the heads of the snake.

  • Van Doza says:

    No doubt Putin is in trouble; his army can’t fight, there are probably several mutinous characters in his cabinet, and his health is in doubt. Regardless of that, Putin’s interests in Ukraine are simply pragmatic; Putin wants Ukraine as a buffer state between Russia and the EU/NATO – a buffer state he wants to control, NOT possess. The CIA has been rabble-rousing in Ukraine for decades; with corrupt, play for pay leaders in the West, some of whom are in obvious mental decline, Putin simply thought that “now is the time to strike” for control of Ukraine. Unfortunately for The Poot, he failed to take into account the vested interests of the Military-Industrial Complex and the Washington-Wall Street Superhighway, who welcomed the invasion of Ukraine from the East. Too easy; just follow the $$$.
    Yeltsin made the same mistakes in 1994 trying to subdue Chechnya. The truth be known, Russian land-based fighting forces are hopelessly ineffective, except against civilians. Roll-out pretty much the same as in Chechnya. Russians just can’t seem to master the art of blitzkrieg in the same way their opponents did in September 1939.

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