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Trump Insiders Assembling Unprecedented ‘Army’ of Pre-Vetted Candidates for Federal Gov. Positions

Former President Donald Trump is vetting tens of thousands of people for government jobs and is ready with an agenda to go on day one if he is re-elected to a second term in the White House, according to a report.

During Trump’s first term, he took flak from some conservatives for being surrounded by in his inner circle people whose views did not appear to align with his agenda.

The high turnover of key personnel in Trump’s cabinet often made headlines.

A political newcomer when he won the 2016, Trump ran the country for four years and is now mounting his third bid for the presidency as a tested political veteran.

According to Axios, Trump’s closest advisers have already begun vetting people to put in jobs at all levels of government in order to prevent the people who are currently in those roles from undermining him.

Citing sources close to Trump, the outlet reported:

“Hundreds of people are spending tens of millions of dollars to install a pre-vetted, pro-Trump army of up to 54,000 loyalists across government to rip off the restraints imposed on the previous 46 presidents.”

Some of the vetting, according to Axios, is being done with artificial intelligence while the software corporation Oracle has also been contracted to help.

Potential candidates for tens of thousands of jobs are being vetted, partially through their social media posts.

Axios noted that during Trump’s first term, “conventional Republicans” often “curtailed” the power he wielded.

During a second term, his team is prepared to put the right people into as many as 54,000 jobs.

“If Trump were to win, thousands of Trump-first loyalists would be ready for legal, judicial, defense, regulatory and domestic policy jobs. His inner circle plans to purge anyone viewed as hostile to the hard-edged, authoritarian-sounding plans he calls ‘Agenda 47.’”

According to Trump’s campaign website, Agenda 47 will focus on putting Americans first by expanding school choice, rebuilding the military, deporting illegal aliens and addressing rampant crime and drug use — among other issues.

Trump also vows to end homelessness for American military veterans.

He has also promised to restore the country’s energy independence and to protect children from far-left gender ideologies.

Trump is being assisted in a plan to execute his agenda by the Heritage Foundation, which has a 920-page playbook that was written by more than 400 separate people and focuses on restoring the country to greatness.

Speaking to Axios, Heritage president Kevin Roberts said the plan is “orders of magnitude” more audacious than any day-one agenda ever mapped out.

  • See more says:

    Now that sounds like a good plan from Trump. I am all for it. GO TRUMP 2024

  • Adorable Deplorable says:

    We must pray to our Righteous and Holy God to put DJ Trump back into office. If this prayer goes unanswered, then the answer will be that Jesus is coming back sooner than we think. Either way, for those of us in Christ, it will be a huge win.

  • Michael says:

    Bringing in good people to government will really help, but what we really need is to fire about 75% of the federal bureaucracy. We also need the legislative branch to permanently delete these positions.

  • hondais1 says:

    Dear Lord, I’m praying that You will take the reins of this great country back into Your hands and put Donald Trump back into the White House to bring us back from the wayward path we have been on. Please save us from the abyss. Amen.

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