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Trump Goes to War with Fox News Anchor After Alina Habba Interview

Former President Donald Trump scolded Fox News anchor Shannon Bream after Bream suggested that President Joe Biden had nothing to do with Trump’s New York trial on charges of falsifying business records.

“I never knew Shannon Bream was so ‘naïve.’ In her interview with my Representative, Alina Habba, Shannon just suggested that Crooked Joe Biden was not involved in my Show Trial. HOW STUPID!” the former president posted on Truth Social.

“Not only is he involved, he is virtually leading it, and all of the other Trials as well – Meaning, his people, because he’s not mentally sharp enough to lead anything! Just take a look at the DOJ/White House Thugs involved, and everything else,” Trump said.

“Biden is incompetent, and feels that Weaponization is the only way he can win. He’s counting on the Shannon Breams of the World to get him there. Bad day for Shannon!”

Trump later took another dig at Bream.

“Neil Cavuto and Shannon Bream should team up and do a Show together. The Ratings wouldn’t be good, because they’re anti-MAGA, but it’s not all about the Ratings!” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said.

He was irked by a part of an interview Wednesday in which Bream and Trump attorney Alina Habba disagreed about the level of Biden’s involvement in the New York case.

“Joe Biden, unfortunately, can’t really do anything in office. So he’s got to use the same means as somebody who’s just trying to have a quick slip-and-fall and make money. And that is frankly what we’re seeing right now. This is exactly a Biden show because he’s got to distract the American people,” Habba said.

Bream said that was not so.

“But the Biden administration’s not responsible for this trial,” she interjected.

“How can you say the Biden administration is not responsible?” Habba fired back.

“It’s a state trial. It’s Alvin Bragg,” Bream said, referring to the Manhattan district attorney. “Whether you think there’s a political motive for him, it’s not connected to the DOJ. I mean, the feds passed on these election charges.”

“Shannon, you should look at how many logs they have of state officials — [New York Attorney General] Letitia James, [Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney] Fani Willis — visiting the White House, and then tell me that this is not a Biden trial,” Habba said.

“The feds passed on this case is the point I’m making,” Bream said.

“You’re right the feds passed on this case. Also, DA Cy Vance passed on this case years ago and then it came back,” Habba said, referring to Bragg’s predecessor.

She noted that the case made it to trial once Trump decided to run for the White House.

“Tell me how that’s not an indication that Joe Biden, who just sent his campaign down here, with Robert DeNiro yesterday, isn’t a part of it,” Habba said.

  • Brighteyes says:

    I do not care for nor never have cared for Shannon – she comes across as a true snob and better than everyone else! She would fit in well with MSNB and Maddow!



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