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Trump Gives Update on Son Barron’s College Future

Donald Trump gave an update on his son Barron’s future plans after his youngest son graduated from high school last month.

The ex-president did not reveal where his son would be headed to college in the fall, but he suggested it could be ‘different’ after the protests on campuses across the country.

Trump’s comments came in an interview with Fox & Friends over the weekend. It was his first sit down after being conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records.

‘What about Barron? People are starting to focus on Barron recently,’ said co-anchor Will Cain in the expansive interview.

‘He’s amazing actually in a certain way. You know, he’s tall, good looking guy. He’s a very good student,’ Trump responded.

‘He’s applied to colleges and gets into everywhere he goes,’ Trump went on. ‘You know, he’s very sought after from the standpoint he’s a very smart guy. He’s a very tall guy. But he’s — and he’s a — he’s a great kid.’

The ex-president was in attendance with wife and former First Lady Melania Trump to watch their 18-year-old son graduate from Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach on May 17.

The couple was all smiles as they sat in the bleachers and applauded as Barron walked across the stage.

Now that he is done with high school, speculation has been rampant about where Barron might be attending college.

The former president described his son in his interview with Fox & Friends as ‘pretty cool’ but he raised questions over whether Barron would be on a campus come fall after the protests that have been taking place at schools nationwide.

‘You know, it’s very interesting though, colleges, you know, six months ago you looked at a college and you sort of want a certain college, and then you see all of these colleges are rioting,’ Trump said.

‘And maybe you want to go to a different kind of college because there’s plenty of colleges that we also like that are different, and they don’t riot,’ he added.

Trump, 77, has suggested in the past that he was weighing going to the University of Pennsylvania which is where Trump graduated. He was also rumored to be considering New York University before his father was convicted by a New York jury.

Little is known about Barron’s time in high school. There was a rare sighting of him in a school Instagram post in April where he was standing at the back of a photo taken of the Monte Carlo-themed prom with his fellow Class of 24 students.

He has not been seen on the campaign trail with his father, unlike some of his older adult siblings. Melania has been known to be very protective of her son since they were in the White House.

But last week, it was reported that Trump brought the 18-year-old with him to a meeting that included Elon Musk and billionaire Nelson Peltz as Trump mounts his bid for a second term in the White House.

The Wall Street Journal reported Barron was in attendance at Peltz’s Palm Beach estate in March.

Barron had also been announced as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in July, but Melania’s office later announced he had to decline to participate ‘due to prior commitments.’

Melania and Barron Trump were among the family members who were at Trump Tower for the ex-president’s press conference on Friday following his conviction. But they did not attend the press conference in the lobby.

Neither were in attendance as Trump appeared in the Manhattan criminal court for trial.

  • Charles Scofield says:

    Hopefully, Baron will choose a college that isn’t any of the Ivy League Indoctrination cesspools.

  • Barb N says:

    Hillsdale or Franciscan University.

    • Will says:

      If he wants to follow his Father in politics, Hillsdale is perfect. Get a 4 yr degree, and then go to law school.



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